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  1. Garden Activities for July and August

    While we do have more time to hang out in the hammock with a cool drink and a Saltscapes magazine, there are plenty of puttering "to-do" chores for the summer months. So go ahead, get dirty-you can always return to the hammock afterwards to read and relax, congratulating yourself on a job well done.

  2. I AM HERE

    Woman seeks closure from birth announcement error. ~Truro Daily News, Sept 17, 2009

    Saltscapes gets lots of letters with stories of various kinds. Here's one. It begins in Truro, NS, and ends in Truro, NS. It shows the important role that historical societies play, the power of the written word-indeed, the power of a typo-and the lightness of vindication.

  3. Expo Countdown On

    Activity at the Saltscapes office is humming along at an accelerated pace this week as we gear up for our annual consumer show running this weekend at Exhibition Park, in Halifax. What to expect if you go?

    Sure, I could tell you how great it is, but I don't have to: here's part of an independent review of last year's event from online food blogger Ruth Daniels:

    "The aisles were full of great booths with information about everything imaginable: must-see places to visit; picturesque towns, outdoor activities, artisan crafts; and naturally, food, wines and other beverages locally-produced, serving delicious samples to whet your appetites and remind you that it's so much better to eat/drink local. If you don't live here, you must come for a visit!

    Even the non-food items were tasty--I obviously suffered from tunnel vision--but there were lovely artisan creations like serving platters and even the soaps from Pampered Damsel that look good enough to eat. I now understand why you can buy a weekend pass to the Expo in addition to the regular day pass. I'm already planning for next year.

  4. Nova Scotia’s Contribution to Black History Month

    As a kid, I spent my allowance on penny candy, comic books and stamps; occasionally I bought an accessory for my banana-seat bike—especially after the training wheels came off. 

    Collecting stamps was probably a nerdy hobby for a kid even back then, but I loved it because it afforded some measure of armchair travel. The names of countries and their ever-changing images were at my fingertips, if deep in a bottom drawer of a display unit at a stationery store on Victoria Street in Amherst, NS, where I grew up.

  5. Ages, stages, and magazines

    Truth is, I’m still recovering from the weekend. I had both a wedding and baby shower to attend (not for the same couple), and firefighting training all day Saturday and Sunday.

    We are  all embarking on new lives of sorts—a new life as a married couple, a new life as parents, a new life as a rookie volunteer firefighter.


  6. New Year Tribute

    "Be content to seem what you really are"
    Marcus Aurelius

    I was reading a marketing brief recently and came upon the above thought for the day, which is especially meaningful for me. Let me explain.
    Jim and I unexpectedly visited his family in Scotland over the holidays-Jim's mom was in rapidly declining health. We were fortunate to spend a few days at her bedside in a lovely, well-run nursing home in Falkirk.

  7. Holiday heyday

    As the holidays approach and I go into hyper planning mode—or at least contemplate its notion—I look for ways to enrich time spent with family and friends... while at the same time remaining sane. Or at least that's my story. For the time being.

    Last week I bought a dill pickle clay ornament at a church craft fair. It came complete with a note telling me to hide it on a Christmas tree, and whoever finds it will be bestowed with good luck—apparently practiced in communities with German heritage, such as on Nova Scotia's South Shore.

  8. A Meaningful Christmas

    Now that Christmas is just 2 weeks away and, according to a recent survey released today, most Canadians have at least 50 percent of their Christmas shopping left to do. We hope our magazine is helping to inspire Saltscapers to buy local as much as possible.

    Jim and I have four grown children and, since the youngest graduated in engineering last May, are all NOW employed in their chosen fields. We are blessed that 3 elderly parents are still with us and are (hint!! :)longing for the day when grandchildren join our family.