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The annual celebration of spring—finally!

IT’S A BIT OF a departure for us, we know. We introduced sport fishing to our annual pre-spring boating section last year (to mixed reviews).

But we are all about Atlantic Canadian culture and there is a huge rite of spring hereabouts when folks drag all manner of boats out of sheds and backyards and head out for a few fish (and perchance a few fiddleheads) for a feed and to just, well, hell, celebrate the fact that it’s spring. That’s cultural, surely.

Four decades ago it was an accepted statistic that one in four Canadians went fishing at least once a year. A wonderful pastime—fresh air, exercise, exposure to nature, relaxation, friends, family (“grandpa and the kid” and all that).

Then there was a decline. It seemed to be related to our increasing urbanization and folks just getting, well, too busy for the important things in life.

More recently, young people have become fixated on hand-held devices and addicted to inane texting. Those old enough to drive endanger the rest of us as they weave their way down the highway with only a tenth of their attention on the road.

But there’s also been a bit of an unexpected renaissance in recreational angling. Fly-fishing, in particular, has caught the imagination of huge numbers of new adherents in the western world, especially women.

It’s been said that if people really understood what’s important in life, there would be a shortage of fishing poles.

We concur.

And, still speaking of annual spring celebrations…

We’ll need a shoe horn, but we anticipate the 11th Saltscapes East Coast Expo will squeeze more than 470 exhibitors into our annual celebration of the Best of Atlantic Canada under one roof at Halifax’s Exhibition Park from April 24-26.

New this year is an opportunity to “Meet your Local Farmer” with a behind-the-barn-door look at farmers markets and locally produced farm products.

The popular new “Saltscapes Pet Place” will be repeated this year, with tips about adoption, obedience and agility for your feline and canine family members.

We’ll help you get up close and a little personal with the individuals who make world-class products right here at home…

Plus tons of live music, interactive fun and destination inspiration with exhibitors from communities across the four corners of the Atlantic Provinces who will share their best vacation deals to make the most of your 2015 road trips.

And lots more, of course…(check out our Expo preview here!)