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Yet another reason for feeling superior

IT’S MORE than interesting that old home remedies, steeped in tradition and folklore, are proving their worth. We now know why cod liver oil is beneficial: oily, cold water fish has been scientifically accepted as “brain food” because of the influence of its omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Carrots, with beta-carotene, are, in fact, beneficial to eyesight. But how did people know of these benefits centuries ago?

There’s a new one that should be of interest to us here—living by the sea is significantly beneficial for your health. Again, as long as 300 years ago people afflicted with various ailments were sent to the seaside to convalesce. 

A recent British study has revealed a multitude of reasons.

First on mental health:

  • Seaside living reduces stress—the sound of the sea is soothingly therapeutic by altering wave patterns in the brain;
  • Salt sea air is charged with negative ions that improve oxygen absorption and balance serotonin levels, thereby improving mood and lowering stress, so we sleep better;
  • The heat of the sun acts on the endocrine system causing the body to release endorphins, making us feel relaxed.

On physical health:

  • Seaside living encourages physical activity;
  • Ultra-violet light (in sensible doses) is good for the skin, especially for those suffering from ailments such as psoriasis or dermatitis. The sun’s rays dry the skin, making it flake, and facilitate healing.
  • Floating around weightless in water diverts blood from our extremities back to the abdominal and heart area. This fresh blood supplies more oxygen to the brain, which makes us more alert and active.

…You’re welcome.


As consumers we are generally motivated by price, quantity and quality—perceived value, in other words. But there are fourth and fifth considerations for many of us.

Is it sustainable—does it come from an environmentally and ethically sound source? And is it locally produced—am I supporting my neighbour and my community by shopping here?

There is a huge buying season coming up—everything from food through a profusion of gifts and ancillaries. This can be make or break season for many local small businesses. Let’s all think about that as we venture forth, plastic in hand.

~ Linda & Jim Gourlay

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