Claus Wolter, 30-Fathom Doormats

Claus Wolter has spent his working life on the water—first as a coach for rowing teams, but also in the merchant marine, on ferries, pilot boats, and his own tour boat during his working career in the United States. Some years ago, his wife Sabra introduced him to the wonders of Grand Manan Island, a special place her family had been visiting since the 1930s, and Claus fell in love with the place. After his wife passed away in 2005, he moved to Grand Manan because “I didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

An article in a Maine newspaper was the impetus for his business. Claus read that the floating rope that lobster fishermen use was to be banned, and it meant there was all kinds of rope available. He also saw a story about a business making mats using rope, and he decided to try his hand at it. 30-Fathom Doormats was born! Although Claus uses a lot of reclaimed rope, saving it from landfills, he also uses new rope for some of his mats because of the great selection of colours available.

A few years ago, Claus made the decision to attend Saltscapes Expo with his mats. “I figured it would be a great testing ground for my products, and I love visiting Halifax, love the feel of the show…I’m glad I came, and now I wouldn’t miss it!” (

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