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Indigena Skin Care

Website: http://www.indigenaskincare.com

Meet Lisa of Indigena Skin Care

We all know about eating local—what about treating our skin with local products? Lisa Walsh of Indigena Skincare offers a line of all natural products derived from indigenous plants and botanicals from the land & sea of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Lisa explains how her business came to be in 2009. “I have been making beauty products with my aunt and mom from a very young age. I love berry picking and anything ocean related, so from early spring to late fall you won’t find me indoors! My infatuation with the beauty of nature inspires me everyday.”

Lisa is from Bay de Verde, Conception Bay but lives most of her adult life in St. John’s until making a strategic move to a beachfront property in Topsail, Conception Bay South because she had missed the views and the “around the Bay” lifestyle. She says, “the close proximity to Nature is everything to me and my brand. It inspires us everyday. We live in harmony with the seasons and that inspires our brand as well.”

Indigena offers a full line of skin care products (over 60 of them) to help achieve calm, clear, glowing skin, including bath crystals and bath balms rich with botanical extracts from blueberry to winterberry; exfoliants, cleansers and moisturizers for all kinds of skin. There’s even a beard oil for the guys!

Asked what her most popular product is, Lisa says, “Our Labrador Tea Face Cream—hands down it beats every other product for its ability to heal, clear and provide age prevention antioxidants.” She personally loves the Blueberry Bliss Sugar Lip Scrub, and Partridgeberry Lip Balm—“a dynamic duo that keeps your lips soft and smooth!”

We’re excited to be the first venue that Lisa chose to launch Indigena to the rest of Canada. Lisa says, “We’re excited to meet other Atlantic Canadians and share our natural products with them! The testimonials we were about Expo have been exceptional, and we’re delighted to be an exhibitor.” We’re delighted to have you, too!

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