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Soap Company of Nova Scotia

Website: http://www.soapnovascotia.com/store/

Life change opportunity: Soap Company of Nova Scotia

Lifestyle changes often mean opportunities open up that we didn’t see before. Leigh McFarlane of Soap Company of Nova Scotia is sensitive to synthetic fragrances and other chemicals, and in 2013, she decided to start making soap, first for herself, and then to help others be content, too. “In the 90s I’d made honey oatmeal soap and loved it, and today, our popular Honey Scrub is still my favourite and the first one I made for this company.”

Leigh’s product line includes soap, shampoos for pets and people, shave soaps, oils and creams, bathnbalms and soaks candles and the signature product, Choice Laundry Powder. The laundry powder, which comes in unscented or four different essential oils, uses one tablespoon in any regular or HE laundry, regardless of water temperature or hardness, and it works on hockey clothes, mechanic clothes, diapers…you have dirt, this is the soap to clean it with!

Leigh sells her products from her shop and studio in Port Hillford, NS, but also through her online store, several farmers markets and retail markets throughout NS. You’ll be able to see, smell and check out all her products in one easy location, at Saltscapes Expo, too.

“This is the best place to operate a business!” Leigh says. “Three reasons: It’s my home, the people are so supportive, and the water in my brook that makes our soap so special.” Leigh has attended both Saltscapes Expo 2015 and also our inaugural Harvest Greets the Holidays event in Masstown in November 2015. She’s looking forward to coming to Expo, saying, “It’s an amazing venue to spread the soap love in! We get to meet so many people who are generous with their time, and laughter and support…pretty great all around.” We’re looking forward to seeing her, too!

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