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Savour over 700 Atlantic Canadian comfort food recipes published in Saltscapes magazine from its first issue, in May/June 2000—see for yourself why our food section scores well in reader surveys!

Recipes include local novelties and favourites such as Acadian Molasses Cookies and Scratch-Me-Back Cookies, Grizzlenuckles and Hoffle Poffle, Braised Turkey with Popcorn Stuffing and Bean Brownies. And of course, chowders of all tastes and traditions.

Check out our handy index of recipes, found here. If you have back issues of Saltscapes magazine, you can go right to the issue and find the recipe you're looking for. Some recipes are online now (click on the links provided), and we will continue to add more.

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Issue Recipe Page Link
June 2000Smoked Salmon Roulade- Stefan Czapalay63
June 2000Mac MacMillan's Fishcakes66View Recipe
June 2000Creamy Fiddlehead Soup69View Recipe
June 2000Roast Leg of Lamb69View Recipe
June 2000Pan Roasted Potatoes70View Recipe
June 2000Medley of Vegetables70View Recipe
June 2000Meringues w/Ginger-Rhubarb Sauce70View Recipe
Summer 2000Blueberry Grunt64
Summer 2000BBQ Chicken Breasts65
Summer 2000Foil Wrapped Salmon Barbecue68
Summer 2000Cucumber Sauce68
Summer 2000Green Bean,Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad69
Summer 2000Potato Salad w/a Twist69
Summer 2000Fresh Strawberry Pie in Chocolate Coconut Crust71
Fall 2000Linda Hatt's Rhubarb Relish53
Fall 2000Blue Rocker's Chow54
Fall 2000Jude Carson's Mustard Pickles55View Recipe
Fall 2000Betty O'Brien's Pickled Beets57View Recipe
Fall 2000Batty's Dutch Salad57View Recipe
Fall 2000Cream of Broccoli Soup60