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Roots & Folks

Even as he was surviving two battles with leukemia and a life-threatening infection that put him on life-support for a month with a two per cent chance of...

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Family of Origin

All of us have met the chap who insists with the fervor of a true believer that his family is, say, Scottish, or perhaps French. Apart from the fact that all...

By Any Other Name

WHEN PEOPLE are trying to discover their ancestry, they can be misled sometimes by naming practices.

Dietary Dilemma

It seemed so simple in biology class. Herbivores are plant-eating animals, carnivores consume flesh, and omnivores, showing little discrimination, devour...

Growing a Business

If Luke den Haan walked into his eight-acre greenhouse in Lawrencetown, Annapolis County and was greeted with silence, he would worry.

Farm Family Values

Carolyn VanDine has lived all her 67 years in Carleton County, NB. She’s a lifelong farmer who has seen the way of life she loves become a way of the...
Amy and Verena grow between 40 and 50 different types of vegetables, including yellow squash and eight varieties of beets and carrots.

Life on the Land

“AFTER WE MOVED to the Island,” recounts Amy Smith, “an elderly neighbour—he was so sweet—listened to our plans and shook his head sadly.”