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The "Eagle Watch" has become an annual tradition in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. This weekend, avid photographers and nature lovers — and those in search of a great way to spend a winter day — will flock (!) to Sheffield Mills to see hundreds of bald eagles as they vie for a feast of chicken. Visitors can enjoy a pancake and sausage breakfast at the Community Centre — convenient, since morning is the best time for viewing the eagles. For late risers, there's a soup, chowder and chili lunch at First Cornwallis Baptist Church. February 4 and 5. More at

Still on the nature and food/drink trail in the Annapolis Valley: take a guided snowshoe hike — as part of the Icewine Festival — February 4th and 5th. February 4th: leave from Domaine de Grand Pré at 9am. February 5th: leave at 1pm from Luckett Vineyards. Sleigh rides and tobogganing (or luge) round out the weekend outdoor fun, helping to work up an appetite for some of the gourmet pairings with a tipple or two indoors. Information here.

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