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Travel writers Keith and Heather Nicol recently visited Fredericton, N.B. and were very impressed with what the city had to offer. They visited in late November which is not prime tourist season but there was still lots to do and trails to walk. Some "don't miss" suggestions are the Boyce Farmer's Market and the outstanding Beaverbrook Gallery. We also enjoyed the Science and York Sunbury Museum as well as the old buildings downtown. Fredericton also have some fine craft stores on Queen Street. There are also over 85 km of walking trails and many fine parks. We really enjoyed Killarney, Carleton and Odell Parks. Also be sure to walk over the Bill Thorpe Bridge which spans the St. John River. It gives great views of the city. We stayed at the river front Delta Fredericton and can't wait to visit Fredericton again in the summer.

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