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Genius Premium Craft Boxes

Inspiring Creativity: Genius Premium Craft Boxes

Genius Premium Craft Boxes

Pamela Publicover-Brouwer spent the first 32 years of her working career as a medical professional, first as a nurse and later as a researcher. As a child, she was always ‘crafty’ and making creative projects using every DIY kit she could get her hands on. That love of crafting inspired her own two children, one of whom in turn created a science project that won national accolades. At the time, Pam was considering starting her own business, and her daughter’s win prompted an “aha!” moment. Genius Premium Craft Boxes was born.

What sets Pam’s kits apart from others is the dedication to kid-friendly, kid-safe products used to make up the kits. She uses essential and food-grade oils to scent her products rather than synthetics, natural soy wax for candle kits, and ensures all the components of her kits are organic, premium and natural wherever possible. From fizzy bath bombs to candles, lip balm to ‘slime’ kits, there’s something to appeal to the crafty kids in any home.

Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market
1209 Marginal Road
Halifax, NS
B3H 4P8
Saturday’s 7am – 3pm
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