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Staycation Contest Entries

All Fore for Nature

Yippee! It’s time to hike, fish, play, golf, explore and celebrate our abundance of natural beauty! In each Atlantic Province, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to nature trails, scenic golf courses, waterfalls, rivers for fishing /canoeing and stunning parks. Many provincial parks and most Parks Canada sites offer campgrounds for unforgettable nights spent under the stars.

Best Friends

Gibraltar Rock Loop Trail in Meagers Grant, NS

Thanksgiving 2019 -- the best way to give thanks is to spend time with my best friend, hiking among the gorgeous Autumn colours.

Submitted By Whitney Cant

Touring the Fjord

Western Brook Pond, NL

One of my most memorable staycations was to Newfoundland. We took the ferry from North Sydney to Port aux Basques and drove to Gros Morne National Park. We rented a cottage in Rocky Harbour and spent five days exploring the region. A boat tour at Western Brook Pond was a highlight of our trip.

Submitted By Julie Sheffield

Sunset at the Rocks

Sinclair Island Pictou County, Nova Scotia

In Pictou County, one of the best vantage points to view the sunset is at the rocks near Sinclair Island wharf. On any given evening, people gather there to watch the sun sink below the horizon. I am fortunate to live in this area and often drive over as supper is being prepared...natural beauty.

Submitted By Michael Byrne

Beautiful Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park, NB

Fundy National Park is one of my most favourite places in New Brunswick. Fundy is so picturesque and beautiful. I love the walking trails, waterfalls and how peaceful it is to just enjoy the nature. Alma is at the entrances to the park and has a bakery with their famous sticky buns. So yummy !!

Submitted By Lise Costello

Borden Brook

Blomidon Provincial Park, NS

After staying close to home these past months, we decided to get back to camping as soon as we were able to. Having booked several nights at Blomidon Provincial Park, we couldn't wait to get some hiking in. This photo was taken on the Borden Brook trail at the slow running waterfall.

Submitted By Cathy Cosham

Sunset over quiet waters

Near Prospect Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia's South Shore is full of hide-aways. In July, we sailed from Halifax to a secluded harbour near Peggy's Cove. Rowing ashore in the morning, we experienced the rugged landscape, where the bushes and trees grow to the shoreline. While sailing home, a pod of porpoises welcomed us back.

Submitted By Doug Denny

Fuller Falls Fundy Trail

Fundy Trail, NB

The Fundy Trail has so many beautiful nature trails, waterfalls and beautiful lookouts. It's such a special spot in New Brunswick

Submitted By Bonnie Chubb

Cabot Cliffs

Cabot Cliffs Golf Course, Inverness, NS

In keeping with the idea of vacationing in Nova Scotia, I've decided what I'm doing this year. Nova Scotia has 61 golf courses (as per the NSGA website). I have played at 33 of them. So, my plan is to play the remaining 28 by the end of the year. Got things kicked off at Cabot Links and Cliffs.

Submitted By Mike LePage

Our Caboose

Train Station Inn, Tatamagouche, NS

The Train Station Inn (5th most unique hotel in the world - Conde Nash Traveler) was ideal. Our Caboose was comfortable, and very roomy We are hikers and seniors. The Great Trail along scenic Tatamagouche Bay included lovely parks and was flat and easy for us and started at our door, we loved it!


Sea Side at Oceanstone

From the property at Oceanstone

My husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary at Oceanstone Resort . We were surrounded by nature . The sea , seabirds, and the view of the lighthouse. A wonderful , beautiful place to reconnect and discover the beauty of love and nature right in our backyard .

Submitted By Wendy Pike

A Staycation Waterfall Hike

Crystal Falls Harmony NS

Nova Scotia waterfalls; they are everywhere! 20 years ago we lived in the Greenwood area and used to regularly visit this waterfall. Now that we live two hours away, we hadn't been there in 20 years. Crystal Falls became a perfect staycation destination! With Tali - our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - ever eager for adventure, we once again visited this picturesque location.

Submitted By Derek Burnett

Tidal Famous

South Maitland River Wranglers, NS

Tidal Fame Do you get the 'look-likes'? When you see someone and think 'You look like someone I know, but I can't quite place you' It's Atlantic Canada, happens all the time, right? Try doing that in a rustic building, middle of the woods, at an embankment overlooking the Shubenacadie River. One of the two river guides there seems familiar. I can't help myself: 'So, you look familiar.' 'Were you here before?' he asks. 'Maybe, in the 90s. I don't think you were born yet.' He smiles. I give up. For now. It was going to be just a two-hour tour: River Wranglers, riding the tidal bore on the world;s highest tides. He leads us down wooden steps built of a big old tree trunk to a zodiac-type boat. Our bubble of six hop in, yellow slickers ready for what would hit us. And boy, did it hit us! Calm at first, it then ripples and surges, and the familiar-looking guide turns the boat around and heads straight for the unfurling froth. Pow! Splash! Water smashes all over us and eddies around the bottom of the boat. I try to scream and laugh at the same time with my mouth shut so I don't taste water. Useless. But here's where my mouth really drops. The guide tells us who he is. He's Emmett Blois, of Amazing Race Canada and Big Brother fame. So that's why I recognized him! He hops out of the boat, adjusts his ball cap, and leads us to the most therapeutic mudbath you can find. We slip slide down the riverbank like otters. Back to the building, hit the showers, and get an 'after' photo full of smiles. A celebrity. Touring world-famous tides. One who's also a dairy farmer. Only in Nova Scotia, you say?

Submitted By Rose Poirier

Beautiful Blue Mountain

Blue Hill Chezzetcook NS

A childhood memory that remains one of our favourite places on Earth. Blue Mountain. Actually, it's called "Blue Hill", but for us who have known it forever, it will always be bigger than just a lowly hill. We are so fortunate that we can still visit this picturesque location and bask in its perpetual beauty. A spur-of-the-moment two-day staycation presented us with one more chance to trek the trail, now heavily overgrown, from the private beach on Soles Lake to the bald-faced granite summit 84 meters above. Accompanied by our ever-eager Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - Tali - we bushwhacked our way to the top, emerging to this idyllic scene. Childhood memories wash over us, followed by a flood of reminiscence when we were here with our own children. The moment is surreal, ideal, absolutely perfect. This is how staycations are meant to be.

Submitted By Derek and Holli Burnett

EcoSystems United

Greenwich National Park, PEI

I can't explain how I felt but as I hiked through Greenwich National Park in PEI, I saw agricultural fields and wooded areas, strolled along a floating dock and climbed across the sand dunes. In a short hike I traveled several ecosystems - it was breathtaking!

Submitted By Christine Summers

Pabineau Falls

Bathurst, NB

Pabineau Falls has always had a special place in my heart. When I was younger, my grandfather used to take me here and we would watch the salmon jumping up the falls. It was a time where we would spend time together and he would share stories from his childhood and our Acadian heritage. I was so happy to go back this summer as an adult and rediscover this magical place in our province.

Submitted By Chris Mersereau

The Power and Beauty of the Atlantic Ocean

Peggy's Cove, NS

Nothing more magical than finding hidden little spots to witness and enjoy the power and beauty of the Atlantic ocean. At Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Submitted By Inge Houtzager

Nature Nap

Oakfield Provincial Park, NS

Oakfield Provincial Park is a hidden gem in the small community of Oakfield, NS. The park, bordering on Grand Lake, is a relaxing place with walking trails, beaches, picnic areas and a boat launch. An easy get away from the city and also a fantastic place for a peaceful nap in nature.

Submitted By Matt Cigolotti

Geologists Great Getaway

High Head, Prospect, NS

I staycation in Nova Scotia every summer! It is an awe-inspiring idyllic nature abound province. My outdoor group and I hike the wooded trails to the rocky coast. We bicycle the historic rail line and kayak its majestic ocean! Nova Scotia's licence plate: Canada's Ocean Playground; so true!

Submitted By Nicole Delory

Railway to the Milkyway

River Philip, NS

I'm 16 years old, live in Nova Scotia, and have a fierce love for the stars. A few years back I got into photography. I work a full time job with back shifts over the summer to support my needs for photography equipment. I put my two favourite hobbies together into one and I dedicate a lot of time and money into it. Astrophotography is my passion. On the night of July 21st 2020, my Mom and I drove 5 minutes from my backdoor into a field to photograph comet NEOWISE. After I photographed the comet we drove over some train tracks and I had an image in mind. We spent a few minutes at the tracks and made my idea come to life. In my mind it's my best image yet. You can see more of my photography on my instagram @fionamorris_photography

Submitted By Fiona Morris

Walking on Water

Greenwich National Park, PEI

Once the Atlantic bubble was open for travel we headed to PEI. We stayed at a lovely B&B, the Graham Inn in Cavendish. We took our bikes with us and hit the trails. One day we biked, hiked and went for a swim, our own mini triathlon. the Greenwich National Park trail was amazing. We had an amazing trip.

Submitted By Sharon Skipper

NB Golf

Rothesay, NB

New Brunswick offers many golfing options and The Riverside Country Club has great golf and wonderful views of the Kennebecasis River. I love to golf and so do my children so its always a nice day when we golf as a family.

Submitted By Peter Chubb

Bohaker Waterfall

Delaps Cove, NS

My husband and I often celebrate my birthday by exploring a local trail, park or seaside locale. This year we walked the short but well maintained Bohaker Trail into Delaps Cove, Annapolis County. It is a lovely woodland walk through mature trees that comes out to a spectacular view of the cliffs along the Bay of Fundy. We watched a fishing boat at work before continuing on to enjoy the beautiful 43 foot high Bohaker Waterfall. To complete our outing we enjoyed fresh lobster roll at a restaurant in Hillsburn.

Submitted By Sheila Munro

Man Cave

Tennycape, NS

There is nothing better then exploring the beautiful beaches of Nova Scotia. This picture was taken in Tennycape, on the west coast of Nova Scotia (on the Minas Basin, at the northeast end of the Bay of Fundy), while visiting our friends cottage. My husband finally found his “man cave”.... until the tide comes in! ;)

Submitted By Lorie mitchell

Walking the Rails with History

Chignecto Ships Railway Trail, NS

As we hiked across the wilderness of the Chignecto Peninsula, a cloud of dust and noise came roaring toward us. We imagined it to be two train engines side by side pulling a huge sailing vessel. When the dust settled we saw two ATVs. Our summer project was to walk the Chignecto Ship's Railway Trail from Tidnish to Fort Lawrence, Nova Scotia. Henry Ketchum started the Chignecto Ship's Railway project in the 1880's and it was mostly finished until financing ran out on the last mile. Four thousand workers labored for years to construct the rail lines over seventeen miles, connecting the Bay of Fundy with the Northumberland Strait, avoiding the dangers of sailing the long distance. Our planned adventure to ride the Trans Siberian Express in April was derailed by Covid 19, so we decided instead to walk a train line forgotten by time. We ordered topographical maps, read Jay Underwood's book, Ketchum's Folly and packed our backpacks with overnight supplies. We planned to camp overnight at Long Lake. Little did Ketchum know that although his project was never completed, the land would be protected and a multi- use trail for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and off- road vehicle travel would be created that would become part of the Trans Canada Trail. Our tired feet carried us through fourteen miles of a backcountry terrain of marshes, bogs, and forests and at the end of the developed trail the path dwindled into a forest track where we headed back to Tidnish. We wondered how far that forest path would carry us toward Fort Lawrence before it turned into a marshy dream unfinished. That is the next hike we have planned for our summer of exploring close to home to celebrate the Chignecto Ship's Railway.

Submitted By Jan Feduck

Cape Chignecto

Cape Chignecto, NS

I spent the August long weekend hiking the multi-day trail around Cape Chignecto. We took 4 days to hike the trail which meant more time staring off the cliffs and enjoying the beaches. It's a difficult hike and we were fairly sore (and smelly) at the end but proud of ourselves for making the trek.

Submitted By Isaiah Jacques

Incredible Sky

Wellington Dyke, Kings Co, NS

This is a beautiful place to walk, year round--Wellington Dyke on the Minas Basin. Our Golden Retriever, Sparky, adored it there too. On this particular day in March, there was an incredible sky.

Submitted By Lynn Manning

Cooling off at the Bonshaw River swimming hole

Bonshaw, PEI

This week we spent two more lovely hours on the beautiful Bonshaw River. The Bonshaw River is also called Ji'ka'we'katik in Mi'kmaq, meaning 'where the striped bass are plentiful'. Although we never expect to see striped bass, we often see other species of fish, depending on the time of year, and we did see bald eagles, ospreys, great blue herons, ducks, kingfishers, sandpipers, crows and other birds. Plus a brief glimpse of a muskrat! As usual for these hot days, we got out of our canoes at the swimming hole for a quick cold swim! We are so blessed to have this well-forested river as a nature excursion right at our doorstep!

Submitted By Tony Reddin

Hike to the top

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, NS

This is a nature walk like no other. My Dad with his granchildren on top of the Skyline Trail was gorgeous and we were unplugged from all electronics. Eagles, whales in the Bay and moose were abundant on this day.

Submitted By Marie Donovan

A Heart Rests On A Cape Breton Mountain Range at Jersey Cove

Cape Breton Island, NS

The "Heart of Jersey Cove" sits quietly upon the mountain range above its' calm waters. Of all the beautiful scenery offered up by Cape Breton Island, this scene ranks among one of the most impressive. My August visit there was, both peaceful and inspiring. Imagine yourself standing on the shore, enjoying the quiet, the tranquility of the entire scene,, the structured mountains that meet the lake below, the lush greenery, the wildflowers paying homage to the mountain range above, and the 'heart' sitting high and to the left on the mountain range, a symbol of love, inviting you to do just that -- love the nature that surrounds you. You will find that it is easy to do. "The Heart That Rests on A Cape Breton Mountain Range at Jersey Cove", invites you to visit Cape Breton Island, and to stay a while, so you will experience the power of nature.

Submitted By Margaret E Gillis

Highland twirl

Cabot Cliffs, NS

We don't have to leave the island of Cape Breton to have a magical family vacation. One of our favourite spots to visit is beautiful Inverness. This picture was taken at the Cabot Cliffs golf course. The inspiring views just make you want to dance with delight!

Submitted By Laura MacNeil

Jumping for Joy in Nature

Airsaig Provincial Park, NS

Back in July 2020 we took 2 of our grandchildren camping with us for their first time to a private pice of property down by Big Island, Pictou County. Not too far down the road is Airsaig Provincial Park with all its walking trails & beautiful views of the forest and the ocean. Sydney & Austin were walking down one of the trails & Sydney decided to do some jumps in the air & I managed to capture her in mid air! They had so much fun exploring the trails & having s'mores around the campfire that night & watching all the stars overhead! Memories made forever with them during Covid times!

Submitted By Nelly Smees

Walking on the Ocean Floor

Hopewell Rocks, NB

Walking along the ocean floor was a very unique experience and all along the coastline was a magnificent drive. To watch the tide come in so you can then kayak is a very interesting concept.

Submitted By Leo Mackinnon

A Busy Beaver

ingonish Beach, NS

A drive around the Cabot Trail has a little village of Ingonish. Beautiful beaches, hiking trails and magestic visits are all around. The ocean really meets the mountains and the Cape Breton Highlands has many trails from beginner to pro. On such hike a beaver was very busy.

Submitted By Leo Mackinnon


Miscou Island, NB

My husband and I cannot spend one summer without going to Miscou Island, NB at least once. So in July, 2020, we headed over and spent some time around different churches and the lighthouse. It was a little bit too crowded at the lighthouse; so we headed to another spot we like on the island which is Wilson's Point area. When we got to the beach, there were a lot of dead fish and seagulls. I tried getting close to them but they would not let me. And then, this bald eagle came and went, he didn't land. I was discouraged. So we had our picnic, and I kept watching ... but it never returned. So we got in the vehicle and started to drive away and there it was. It was obviously waiting for us to leave. So I stopped, put the window down, grabbed my camera and took a few shots. What a majestic bird! What a great island!

Submitted By Bernadette Francoeur


Bathurst, NB

This photo was taken in Bathurst, NB at the basin. These knapweeds reminded me of two persons hugging... or not hugging in these special times. This was one of my favorite spots for lunch when I was still working. I have recently retired. This time I went with my lunch, my book and my camera and stayed as long as I wanted!

Submitted By Bernadette Francoeur

Rock upon Rock

Trailway Conception Bay, NL

On an early morning walk along Conception Bay, I can see loons, whales, wild flowers, the odd fisherman thing for sure, there are always lots of rocks.

Submitted By Gayle Garber

Standing Tall

The Dunes Studio Gallery and Cafe, Brackley Beach, PEI

Went to PEI for a few days in July and wandered the flower gardens at the Dunes Studio Gallery and Cafe. The weather was beautiful and the gardens were lovely.

Submitted By Sharon Skipper

Streaking in New Brunswick

Mount Carleton Provincial Park, NB

When your next appearance is in the year 8820 you are allowed to put on a show. What a show it was! For a few nights in July comet Neowise streaked across the horizon just below the Usra Major (Big Dipper). Mount Carleton, New Brunswick was the ideal spot to view this spectacular event. Staycationing in New Brunswick has it's benefits

Submitted By David Watson

Mirror Image


Enjoying the calm waters on the pond next to our remote cabin on Argentia Road, Newfoundland. The water reflects a mirror image of the horizon. Such a peaceful place.

Submitted By Wendy Harnum

Victoria Park Truro

Victoria Park, Truro, NS

Victoria Park is a gem located in the heart of Truro, NS! This 3,000 acre paradise makes for the perfect staycation visit! There's so much natural beauty and history that it makes for an unforgettable experience each time we visit. With an extensive trail system, we're always able to find a new area we have yet to explore!

Submitted By Alison Grant


Whiteway, NL

Iceberg next to Shag Rock in our beautiful town of Whiteway.

Submitted By Hobert Harnum

Bald Youngster

Skerwink Trail near Trinity, NL

A few years ago, we hiked the beautiful and rugged Skerwink Trail near Trinity in Newfoundland. This young bald eagle was patrolling the skies and flew close overhead many times. Seeing this majestic bird up close was a privilege and remains a wonderful and abiding memory.

Submitted By Jason Grove

Fundy Friend

St Martin, NB

Needed to get away and connect, so I met a best friend and off to St Martin we went. This is a classic image of place and magic and memorializes the whole trip for me.

Submitted By Norah Davidson

Grand Pre Historic Site from the Harvest Moon Trail

Grand Pre, NS

We enjoyed a great staycation in the Annapolis Valley, highlights were the pizza and scenery at Lighthouse and Wolfville winery as well as a nice bike ride on the Harvest Moon Trail. The scenery along the trail was as beautiful as you would find anywhere in the world, and to get some exercise while enjoying the beautiful views of the Bay of Fundy and Grand Pre historic site was a bonus.

Submitted By John Murray

The Stowaway

Mount Carleton Provincial Park, NB

After so much had been cancelled, my family felt lucky to be able to do our annual trip to Mount Carleton Provincial Park. We hiked the mountain, watched Neowise streak across the sky, and spent the evenings paddling around the Nepaliguit Lakes looking for moose. On the last morning, Mom and I took the kayaks out for a quick paddle before packing up. We paddled through the mist enjoying the tranquility of the morning and the singing birds. It was peaceful when all of a sudden, a mole popped out of the bow and scurried up my leg. I had never moved so quickly. I launched myself backwards and onto the top of the seat. Somehow, I didn't flip. There must have been a part in my brain reminding me I had my sister's expensive camera in the boat and it was more important than me escaping the mole on my leg. I shook it off and paddled sitting on top of the kayak, it half sinking, to the lake shore. Once at shore, we flipped the kayak trying to get the mole out, although all that did was fill the boat with water and almost drowned the poor thing. The mole scurried back into bow, hiding in the styrofoam and I decided to paddle for all I was worth back to the cabins. We (the mole and I) made it halfway across the lake before it reappeared. This time, I was more prepared, although still startled. I made it to the closest shore, again beaching the kayak, and had my mother tow it back while I walked the rest of the way back around the lake. Once safely back at the cabin, we flipped the kayak over again and the mole darted out and ran under the dock. We didn't see a moose that morning but I had my fill of wildlife for the day.

Submitted By Allison Watson

Camping at Goose River

Goose River, NB

My mother and I have discussed back country camping at Goose River in Fundy National Park ever since they made the new trail. This summer was the perfect time to go. The new trail is wonderful and even though we had a bit of a water shortage scare with all the streams being dried up, it was a beautiful weekend on the coast. We didn't even need the puffer jackets or raincoats we carried in.

Submitted By Allison Watson

I am watching you and you are watching me

Kouchibouquac National Park, NB

We were so glad when Kouchibouguac National Park opened up so we could go camping this summer. On the first morning we were there we got up early to go biking on the wonderful trails before it got too hot. At one point while cycling, this little marten quickly crossed our path. At first we weren't sure what it was but surprisingly he was curious enough to stay within sight for us to capture this picture. I don't think I have ever seen a marten in the wild before. What a reward for getting out of the tent early in the morning.

Submitted By Donna Watson

Eat Local

Mount Carleton Provincial Park, NB

In July we stayed at the Bathurst cabins in Mount Carleton Provincial Park. One late afternoon we kayaked down to the end of the park boundary. After enjoying our supper at the old picnic site we paddled back to the cabin. We often see beavers in two of the lakes we paddle through. This night was no exception. We spotted a beaver and as we came near no slap was heard. Often beavers will slap their tails as a warning. This night nothing was going to disrupt him from having his local meal. We were able to watch this feeding frenzy from a safe distance.

Submitted By Donna Watson

Coastal Vantage Point

Pokeshaw, NB

The Pokeshaw Rock/Beach area is a nice little spot to stop and enjoy the scenery, if you are in the Chaleur Region of New Brunswick. You can observe the cormorant colony, that calls Pokeshaw Rock home, from the adjacent cliff that has an observation deck. Take a stroll on the pebble and sand beach and stay and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Bay Of Chaleur.

Submitted By Bernadette Boutilier

Majestic River

Harvey Station, NB

This beautiful river runs by our home. Magaguadavic Lake in Southwest NB and this river's source of water flows from there. The river's name is the same as the Lake's name. It flows from the lake to St George, NB. It's an indigenous name meaning 'Lake of many eels' The River is a source of canoe/kayak enthusiasts during Spring when the water is high! It's also full of trout for fishing out of your canoe/kayak.

Submitted By Shari Gillespie

It Is Just the Sublime or Whatever

Along the Cabot Trail, NS

This summer I took my first ever road trip (as the person driving) up to Cape Breton. I met up with a friend in Sydney and we took off on the Cabot Trail. It was a real test of my skills to drive those winding roads and I was especially intimidated by Smokey Mountain but I pulled if off and felt so proud and so awed by the majestic views of the highlands! Each time we pulled over at a lookout, the scenery just got more and more awe inspiring. Getting to share this experience of the sublime with a friend was truly incredible experience and I feel so lucky that I got to have it not all that far from home.

Submitted By Asha Jeffers

Down the Road

Rails to Trails in the Tatamagouche, NS area

We went to Cambria Sands for a few days in the fall. It was windy but sunny, we hiked the rails to trails and had a wonderful day.

Submitted By Sharon Skipper

Goodnight Big Cove

Big Cove YMCA Camp, Thorburn, NS

With Big Cove YMCA camp unable to run as a regular overnight camp this year, they opened as a campground. Our kids have been going to Big Cove YMCA camp for 5 years now and it is the highlight of their summer every year. We jumped at the chance to "camp" at Big Cove and invited a few families to join us. It was a great staycation with canoeing, nature hike, campfire, tetherball, archery, tree climbing and more! As we were starting up the campfire we noticed the sky ablaze with colours behind us. This stunning view only lasted a few minutes, a good reminder to pay attention to nature and be in the moment, before the moment passes.

Submitted By Jennifer Berry

With Regards to Monet

Five Island Lake, NS

My wife and I go for a walk every night on a local trail. We always stop at a local lake and sit on a bench waiting for the ducks to swim by, the beaver to go under the bridge, the sunset but usually we wait for the the sky to change. I always have a camera handy and sometimes what is in front of us looks entirely different. This day, the reflection of the grass blended with the pads and water created magic before our eyes and only a fifteen minute walk from home.

Submitted By Greg Corkum

Self Distancing View

Southwest Head Light House Grand Manan, NB

Nothing like COVID-19 restrictions to take an enjoyable family trip with the province to Grand Manan. The day was picture perfect. We toured the Island from North to South, coming back to enjoy a great meal at Sunrise Seafoods Ltd.

Submitted By Michel Lefebvre

Morning Glory

Hanwell, NB

We travelled to Hanwell, New Brunswick in September to visit an old friend, who was the first owner of our beloved senior dogs. Staying on the beautiful resort at Kingwood Golf Course, we were able to spend time relaxing and getting caught up, enjoying the beautiful scenery, immersed in nature. Just what our souls needed during this unusual year.

Submitted By Kelly Osmond

A Board Walk

Rissers Beach, NS

A stroll along Rissers Beach and its boardwalk is never boring, especially with ones girlfriends along! This is a very popular area along the south shore Lighthouse route. I remember this day well. People were so happy to be out!!

Submitted By Bridget Sexton

Wave Action

Seaforth, NS

Tropical Storm Teddy.

Submitted By Holly Cameron

Roadside Gems

Atwoods Brook, Shelburne Co, NS

Our first visit to Cape Sable Island. But on the way, near Atwoods Brook the fog lifted enough to capture this gem of a view. Thank you Mother nature!

Submitted By Debby Kellner

A Frozen Memory

Windsor, NS

On a fresh COLD morning in January 2020. A breath of fresh air and colour so pure it would sustain us in all that was to come. How could we have known that the view from here was to freeze one of the last safe moments in time for this year to come.

Submitted By Debby Kellner

Apple Blossom

North Tetagouche, NB

One thing that Covid was unable to do is stop us from going out in nature with our cameras and so I have been going out regularly. June is a very good month for apple blossoms. This scene was especially delightful!

Submitted By Bernadette Francoeur

Foggy Fundy Funday

Near Harbourville, NS

My good friend and I usually have an annual outing to BeerFest in Halifax. Obviously this year it was cancelled. Our compromise: We left the wives and kids at home and headed to the cottage for a weekend of BBQ, cribbage and washer toss. This was an early morning picture of the fog rolling in over the Bay of Fundy.

Submitted By Geoff Peladeau

In the still of the day

Little Bras d'Or, NS

Just a short distance from my home, boats are launched from this area to sail under the bridge to the Bras d'Or Lakes. The stillness is what caught my eye.

Submitted By Ruth Boudreau

Humpbacks Enjoying the September Sunshine

Bay of Fundy, NB

Whale watching is very popular in our own backyard, so on September 25, 2020 our friends took us out with hopes of seeing some activity as there wasn't much reported in the last month. Fortunately, for us 2 humpbacks decided they would perform for us. So cool to be so close to nature and enjoy their happiness.

Submitted By Marlene Allaby

Greens Point Lighthouse

Greens Point, L'Etete, NB

Staycation NB. Driving around our own backyard and enjoying the scenery. Lighthouses are always a beautiful sight that we take for granted.

Submitted By Marlene Allaby

Taking His Last Bow

Machias Island, Grand Manan, NB

The Atlantic Puffins are located on Machias Island in the lower Bay of Fundy off of Grand Manan. On this island there are about 5000 pairs of puffins that continuously fly around during the nesting season in July. Access to the island is very limited, they only allow 15 people a day six days a week for the month of July. To an avid bird watcher this tiny island would be considered a little piece of heaven. This particular puffin was giving me the final bow when it was time for us to leave.

Submitted By Stella dEntremont

The Exchange

Fundy National Park, NB

Fundy National Park, New Brunswick is home to a family of loon. This year the female loon had two babies that survived, and they seem to be thriving. During my camping trip to Fundy National Park in August, I took the opportunity to kayak in Wolf Lake and photograph these beautiful birds. In this photo the mother is feeding her young in what I call the exchange. Once the mother has given her young the fish, they swim toward each other as if they are hugging. These birds continuously show acts of affections toward one another.

Submitted By Stella dEntremont

Early Morning

Ingonish, NS

Waking up to this view in Cape Breton took my breath away.

Submitted By Annette Irvine

Golf Staycation

Northumberland Links Golf Course, NS

My husband and I had planned a golf trip to Scotland, but with that cancelled we decided to take a golf trip starting in New Scotland! Over 18 days we played 17 golf courses in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. They were all unique with either stunning views, such as Northumberland Links Golf Course as pictured here, or with interesting features, such as the par 3 at the Fraser Edmundston Golf Club where you drive the ball over railway tracks! Our trip started with a ferry ride across the Bay of Fundy to Digby where we played at Digby Pines Golf Club, rewarding ourselves with the clubhouse's scallops afterwards! From there we continued to the Truro Golf Club, admiring the mudflats near Canning on the way. After playing golf in the Amherst area, we followed golf courses up the coast of New Brunswick. One notable golf hole as we made our way up the coast was at St. Ignace, where, playing from the yellow tees, 'elevated green' doesn't quite describe the wall you face! As we golfed we took in other sights, visiting the dunes at Kouchibouquac National Park and we learning about peat bogs on a boardwalk on Miscou Island. At Restigouche Golf Course we enjoyed a great view of the Bay of Chaleur. At the back end of the trip, we followed the golf courses down the St. John River. Grand Golf, was a beautiful course, especially with some of the trees already turning colour. And also of note was the Covered Bridge Golf course, which incorporates a covered bridge to reflect being near the world's longest covered bridge. All that to say, we enjoyed lots of different golf courses, and in between the golfing there were lots of sights to see!

Submitted By Helen Mitchell

Rockin it at Peggys Cove

Peggys Cove, NS

Family trip to Peggy's Cove, enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon.

Submitted By Geoff Peladeau

Fort Anne at Sunset

Annapolis Royal, NS

We took a short staycation to the Fundy and South shore areas to enjoy the sights.

Submitted By Pauline Rooney

Skyline View

Cape Breton, NS

We headed to Cape Breton for a few days staycation in July, where we enjoyed gorgeous blue skies and warm temperatures. We took advantage of this lovely weather to hike the Skyline Trail and take in the many breathtaking views.

Submitted By Pauline Rooney

Amazing 8 Legged Camping Partner

Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, NS

On our recent camping trip to the wonderful Thomas Raddall Provincial Park we came across this beautiful black and yellow argiope spider. He had moved away from the zig zag pattern he had made, but was still standing on guard. The only other time we had seen one of these amazing spiders was in our home garden among the hostas. You can always expect the unexpected when camping in Nova Scotia!

Submitted By Phillip Troop

Experiencing the Saint John River Valley by Ferry

Saint John River Valley, NB aboard the Gagetown Ferry

Whether by car or motorbike, my favorite way to enjoy New Brunswick's picturesque Saint John River Valley is to drive aboard one of their ferries and take in the spectacular scenery that this River valley has to offer. There are three short ferry crossings on the Saint John River: Gagetown to Lower Jemseg; Evandale to Kars; or Westfield (Grand Bay-Westfield) to Hardings Point. Once the ferry crosses over, take the meandering roads to your next ferry crossing or leave everything to chance and just follow whichever roads you are drawn to. Approaching Saint John provides the option of three additional ferries in this southern area. You will discover that these winding routes present you with a captivating not-to-be-missed experience.

Submitted By Celine Parlee

Tune into Nature

Kouchibouguac National Park, NS South Campground Site 42

During our bubble vacation motorhome trip through NB and PEI, we tuned into nature's program to get perfect reception of the woods, the land, beaches, and the sea. The marshmallow antenna was soon sacrificed for a perfectly delicious bite roasted over the campfire.

Submitted By Wolfgang Friedrich

RVing under the Rainbow

Cedar Dunes Provincial Park, Site 61, West Point, PEI

Finding a place to stay for the night under a rainbow is a perfect ending after a day on the road. On this day, we walked the beach and boardwalk in la Dune de Bouctouche, drove over the Confederation Bridge, strolled through Summerside and sampled wine in Richibucto River Wine Estate and had a flight of beers at the Lone Oak Brewery.

Submitted By Wera Friedrich

Caribou Plain Trail Is Anything but Plain

Fundy National Park, NB

Nature trails evoke and create memories like nothing else, holding us in their trees and waters, reflecting truth with unspoken poetry. Walking the Caribou Plain Trail with avid hikers and Fundy enthusiasts who paused for the peepers and all creatures was a beauty in itself. A bubble of pure bliss.

Submitted By Sarah Butland

Climbing to the Top of the World

Cape Spear, NL

My father and I have been travelling together every year since 2008. Normally, we venture somewhere by plane, often overseas, to a place he has not visited. At 81, he is very active and adventurous, and always keen on new experiences. This year, we were forced to consider our safest option for travel: somewhere close to our home in Nova Scotia and within the Atlantic bubble. Thankful for the opportunity to travel somewhere, we decided on a week-long trip to Newfoundland, the only Canadian province Dad had not visited. We took the ferry from Sydney to Port aux Basques, then, over several days, drove across the province to St. John's. This photo, taken on a bright, warm fall day at Cape Spear, shows Dad climbing the stairs to the lighthouse, where we took in breathtaking views of St. John's and surrounding areas. Thank you, Atlantic bubble (and especially Newfoundland), for providing a memorable travel experience for my father (and for me), in a year full of challenges and uncertainty. How lucky we are!

Submitted By Lyla Hage

Natures Annapolis Valley Tapestry

Land of Evangeline Camping Resort, Grand Pre, NS

Natures tapestry over looking Annapolis Valley's North Mountain, before the evening campfire of steamed clams , Grand Pre drink and fantastic friends sharing music and fireside stories. A picture perfect summers day end at the Land of Evangeline Camping Resort, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia.

Submitted By Carol OConnell

Waiting for Winter

Salmonier Nature Park, NL

A forty-five minute drive from Newfoundland & Labrador's capital city of St. John's will bring you to a hidden gem; the beautiful Salmonier Nature Park. Once there, you can take a leisurely stroll along the boardwalk passing various animal enclosures along the way - one of which is the Snowy Owl as seen in the attached photo. To complete the whole nature walk takes approximately one hour. Almost all animals you encounter in the park have been brought there because they were either orphaned or injured and wherever possible they will be released back into the wild. Aside from the animals you will also get to experience some of the province's interesting plants and beautiful scenery. A wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

Submitted By Gary Grant

Worth the Hike

Top of the Franey Trail, Ingonish, NS

A beautiful 3 days in Ingonish with friends. Hiked the Franey Trail and at the top we were awed by the sight. A young lady offered to take our picture and then suggested we turn and look at the view while she took another of us. The picture turned out great and is a reminder of our time there.

Submitted By Lynn C MacNeill Wertz

Tennecape Waterfall

Tennecape, NS

The beautiful Noel Shore at Tennecape is a hidden gem. The cliffs create sandstone sculptures, majestic caves, and beautiful waterfalls. Hike for miles along the cliffs edge and swim in the refreshing water of the Bay Of Fundy. A forgotten part of our beautiful province.

Submitted By Holly MacNevin

Oct Moon

White Point Beach Resort, NS

The full moon Oct 1 2020, looking for the cabin we had rented at White Point Beach Resort

Submitted By Sandra Were

Lost and Found

New Ross, NS

Trekking through the woods on our way to the local cranberry bog we came across these lonely mittens hanging on a branch.

Submitted By Penny Zwicker

Take a Moment and Look Behind You

St Patricks, PEI

A picture taken from a different perspective, maybe? With the hectic lives we all lead today, how many of us take the time to look behind us and see all that we might be missing. I have some friends, we are newly minted Seniors and in the past we have had many travel adventures. But not this year, no COVID 19, has taken away our wings and we dream of a time when we can go on some adventure to another place. I know I said we are Seniors, but we don't always act our age. In fact, we have such a great time together that we have modified our travel urge by exploring every nook and cranny of Prince Edward Island. One of us drives, one of us reads the map, we all take pictures and the other two are along for the ride. My picture was taken today on one of our outings in beautiful St. Patrick's, Prince Edward Island. The fall colors on our Island right now are nothing short of spectacular. Our day trips always include a visit to a local eating establishment to show our support to local businesses in this unprecedented time. Our outings are always memorable and we will keep these memories with us for a long time. All I can say, is thank God for poise pads.

Submitted By Diane Smith

Sunset at the Frog Pond

Frog Pond Park, Halifax, NS

This photo was taken at the Frog Pond Park, a short, but lovely trail for staycationers in Halifax proper. It showcases our wonderful fall colours, making a dramatic watercolour-like backdrop for this duck who was making her way across the lake at sunset. This park is our family go-to for escaping the confines of our home and not needing to drive a long distance. It joins into the neighbouring Sir Sandford Fleming Park, and is a popular skating spot in the winter. Great for families, dog friendly and a terrific way to spend an afternoon.

Submitted By Peggy Domenie

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