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Dancing Taste Buds: A culinary (and cultural) taste tour

What do salt beef (Jiggs dinner), oatcakes, luskinikn, râpure, shawarmas, fried fish cakes, pho, donairs, empanadas, dulse, chow chow, jerk chicken, creamed lobster, sauerkraut, and flipper pie have in common? They are all traditional foods - food that is simple, unpretentious and delicious. Available in delightful eateries and shops across Atlantic Canada, from rural hamlets, beachside canteens to fine dining city restaurants, each area has their own specialties including old and new culinary quirks.


Hubbards, NS

In Nova Scotia there are many wonderful places to experience food and drink. One of our favourite stay at home experiences is the Shore Club Lobster Supper. Mussels, salad bar and lobster- Yum!

Submitted By Julie Sheffield

Lobster on the Wharf

Victoria by the Sea, Prince Edward Island

This was taken last summer while visiting beautiful Victoria by the Sea, an adorably charming seaside village on the south shore of PEI. Savour a delicious lobster roll on the wharf. Relax. Bask in the sun. Breath in the fresh salty air while watching beachcombers and kayakers frolic in the waves.

Submitted By Julie Clements

Taste of summer

Buctouche New Brunswick

A summer trip to Buctouche, New Brunswick isn't complete without a stop at Ponzi's for some fried clams. We took the food just down the road to a lovely little park with a shaded picnic table and a view of the water.

Submitted By David Watson

Burger Fest

Moncton, NB

It was Burger Fest in Moncton, NB. My hubby and I were sitting down to have lunch at the Old Triangle on Main St. It was delicious

Submitted By Lise Costello

Summer meals

Port Mouton, NS

Took a day trip to the South Shore and stopped at the Quarterdeck for lunch. Sat on the deck overlooking Summerville Beach.The meal was wonderful, seafood Cesar salad and club sandwich and local craft beer.

Submitted By Neil Oldreive

A Memorable Anniversary Feast

Summerville, NS

While my husband and I were unable to dine out on our actual 18th Wedding Anniversary in April of 2020, we were thrilled to celebrate our special day three months later at the Flying Apron in Summerville. We enjoyed a scrumptious meal made with fresh local ingredients and we felt genuinely welcome and at home by our server. We dined 'Lady and the Tramp' style, sharing two meals. For our photo, we briefly removed our wedding bands to capture the moment! This was an unforgettable anniversary dining experience at one of the many exceptional restaurants found within Canada's East Coast. We applaud the owners and staff of our local restaurants who are passionate about the food they prepare and the people they serve.

Submitted By Natasha Buchanan

Ceviche Time

Shediac, NB

Summer in New Brunswick is a great time to dig out the fishing rods and try your luck at all the local spots. One of my favourites is catching mackerel in Shediac, NB. Fresh mackerel is delicious and a favourite of ours is making ceviche. Taste like summer!

Submitted By Chris Mersereau


Petitcodiac, NB

Thanks to the Maritime bubble opening, my wife and I were able to cross the border to attend the family celebration for my niece's 2nd birthday. On the way, we stopped for some samosas from the A&K Cafe in Petitcodiac, NB. Always a delicious treat!

Submitted By Isaiah Jacques

Bay of Fundy Lobster

Saint John, NB

Living on the Bay of Fundy gives many opportunities for lobster and seafood in general. Lobster happens to be one of my favorites and I love going to the lobster shops and restaurants for a wonderful lobster roll!

Submitted By Peter Chubb

Clam Digging

Eastern Shore, PEI

Singing no digging for your supper! Your taste buds will 'shore' dance when you have dug your own fresh PEI clams. We staycation on our family homestead on the eastern shore of PEI and are able to dig fresh clams for a meal. We dip in them in melted butter!

Submitted By Nicole Delory

Dining in the Ditches

Port Howe, NS

When walked the shoulders of the roads, I used to see ditches and fields full of weeds. During Covid19, I walked with my book Wild Plants of Eastern Canada by Marilyn Walker, tucked under my arm. My new plant phone app, helped me to identify the edible riches that are everywhere in the Nova Scotia wilds. I reflected on our first nations peoples who taught settlers how find food from the land. My roadside walks became a ditch-shopping trip with no checkout and not another soul. Dock, a large seedy looking weed, became flour similar to buckwheat. I roasted and ground the seeds, adding it to regular flour to make rich tasting muffins. Chokecherry, Saskatoon berry, red and black currents, blueberries, and strawberries became jams and jellies. Small paradise apples were free for the taking on old roadside trees. Dandelion and cloverleaves were added to salads and tasty teas hid in many plant leaves. Wild herbs such as caraway, thyme, and tansy leaves adorned my daylily soup. My list of edibles grew longer and each day became a treasure hunt. To taste very finely prepared food from the land, we headed to the Wild Caraway Restaurant and Cafe in Advocate Harbour. During our three- course dinner we experienced a new universe of tastes. Sorbets made with nasturtium, marsh greens such as crow's feet, sea plants like dulse, delicate elderflower and many other wilds were on the menu. Truly a Nova Scotian dining experience not to be missed. As I push my cart through the grocery store admiring everyone's masks, my mind travels to the fields and sea sides of Canadass east coast in summer where a world of creative food experiences are waiting in the ditches.

Submitted By Jan Feduck

Clamming Around Clam Digging

Ingonish Harbour, NS

Picture a beautiful warm sunny day and the soft wind on your face, the sun shining so majestically down on you as your feet are feeling squishing as you walk along the clam flats of Ingonish Harbour, NS. You put your shovel down firmly but carefully when you see the clam whole. You bring it up with such excitement on the kids face dancing with glee at the site of a big white clam squirting. The kids pick it up like some prized jewel as it carefully gets put in the crate. we took them home, soaked and steamed them. Delicious.

Submitted By Marie Donovan

Daisy Bay Delights

North Rustico Harbour, PE

The Blue Mussel is a popular spot on 'The Island". So much so, even during COVID-19 you need reservations even during the week. Situated beside the North Rustico Harbour it was a no-brainer to enjoy a meal of seafood. Once we arrived at our table on the roof we started ordering. We started off with local mussels then moved on to these Daisy Bay oysters. I asked where they came from and our server points to the expanse of water in front of us, 'over there'. Memories are made of times like this.

Submitted By Greg Corkum

Delicious meal at Wild Caraway

Wild Caraway Restaurant, Advocate Harbour, NS

We made a great trip to Joggins and Advocate Harbour, enjoying the scenery along the way. At Joggins we enjoyed a guided hike down to the beach searching for fossils. But the highlight was definitely in Advocate Harbour where we had a delicious meal at Wild Caraway. They use all local ingredients varying their menu based on what is available. Our main course consisted of local scallops, marsh greens and local veggies. The appetizer was local caught calamari, smoked dulse. An amazing meal at a NS restaurant with all local ingredients.

Submitted By John Murray

One Bowl of Many

Lakeside, PEI

My family planned a last minute get away on PEI before my sister started her cancer treatments. We only had one full day but we visited our favourite beaches, ate fresh mussels from the PEI Mussel King, and drank some of the local craft beers. It was a much needed escape.

Submitted By Allison Watson

Covid 19 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration at The Inn at Bay Fortune PEI

On the front lawn at the Inn at Bay Fortune, PEI

John and I are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this Fall and decided to celebrate by taking short trips to some of our favorite spots in Atlantic Canada due to be 'Bubbled' with these provinces. Our first trip saw us getting in our Subaru Crosstrek and heading to the PEI Ferry. We had made a reservation at The Inn at Bay Fortune where we had stayed once before and were thrilled with the culinary skills of Canadian Superstar Chef with and International reputation for simple home cooking. We were not disappointed by his skills and were very impressed with the Covid-19 restrictions that were kept by the Inn. Breakfast was ordered to be delivered to our room at a certain time each morning and placed outside our room on a tray which was placed on a table outside our door. The breakfast consisted of - A pot of their signature French-Pressed Dark Roast Coffee; Local Apple Cider; House Made Yogurt, Granola and Island Strawberry Parfai;; a Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich of a Fried Egg and Brisket on a Made in the House Milk Bun;; Glasgow Glen Gouda Cheese; Caramelized Onions and Salsa Verda Aioli as well as Extra Cinnamon Rolls and two Oranges. We invited our son and daughter who were visiting in PEI to join us for a Picnic Supper on the front lawn of the Inn. This picnic bag was given to us outdoors in-front of a large outdoor fireplace. It was served by chef Smith and was placed in a wooden basket on a long swivel board which swung around for us to take out. It consisted of home made sourdough bread; a Salad of their home grown greens, herbs, wild watercrest & flowers and Wine Vinaigrette; Smokehouse Brisket; Homemade sausage, Brown Sugar Rubbed Rack of Ribs and Maple Mustard; Local Farmed Maple Rosemary Glazed Roast Root Vegetables; Salmon Potato (PEI) Salad and Creamsicle Panna cotta/Blueberry Jam. What a feast!

Submitted By Betty Anderson

Its a Shore Thing

Digby, NS at The Crows Nest

The Absolute Best Seafood Chowder I've ever tasted in my Life! You have to stop at the Crowss Nest in Digby, NS to find this marine cuisine treasure. Like the Bluenosers say 'It's a Shore thing'! So chalked full of fresh seafood and countless world famous Digby scallops, my mouth is salivating just thinking of it. You won't be disappointed.

Submitted By Catharine Cole


Larry's River, NS

The sun is streaming into the cottage in Larry's River, Nova Scotia, as my Aunt Grace, Uncle Frank (pictured), and myself start digging into our 'supper': Advocate Harbour Scallops, Salad with some of the veggies from Uncle Frank's own garden, a home-made sweet and sour dressing, and local corn on the cob; afterwards we used the uneaten corn to make a wonderful chowder. Later the neighbours came over and we all sat around and sang while I played the guitar as accompaniment. It truly doesn't get much more 'Nova Scotia', than this. Can't wait to 'staycation' there, again!

Submitted By Bridget Anne Michels

A Relaxing Breakfast and Breathtaking View

Pictou Lodge Beach Resort, Pictou, NS

What a picturesque place for a staycation. While here, my wife and I enjoyed kayaking, biking, sitting by a beach bonfire and, of course, dining while taking in the breathtaking view. Each evening we enjoyed a delicious dinner thoughtfully created by the chef. Even a simple breakfast, such as oatmeal with fruit, was prepared with care and beautifully presented...and to enjoy such a meal while watching the sun rise and the ocean awake made it even more memorable. A relaxing breakfast. A breathtaking view. Pictou Lodge Beach Resort is a wonderful spot for a staycation.

Submitted By Phillip Troop

Seafood Heaven

Motel Brise Marine Shippagan, NB

On the spur of the moment, as my wife and I never make plans, we decided to venture up north and visit Shippagan and area. After touring the area with its quaint fishing villages, beautiful boardwalks and ports, we were in search of a traditional sea food dinner. We happen to drive by Motel Brise Marine which hosts a small family like restaurant. On the menu as the special for dinner, was 'seafood lasagna'. As luck would have it, we scooped up the last two portions. To complete this wonderful dining experience we treated ourselves to some of the local craft beers.

Submitted By Michel Lefebvre

Lobster Race on the Deck Before Dinner

Stanley Bridge, PEI

With everyone looking forward to a fresh lobster dinner with all the trimmings, the kids are entertained with a bit of fun on the deck. After a trip to the fishermen for the freshest catch it was another wonderful family day on the 'Gentle Island'.

Submitted By Marie Stott

Dining Out

Second Peninsula, NS

A number of warm days this summer we packed our picnic basket and hopped in our Mazda Miata and took to one of the many rural roads to enjoy the sun and the scenery. On this day the road led to the picnic park in Second Peninsula where we enjoyed our delicious plank salmon and fresh garden salad by the water's edge.

Submitted By Pauline Rooney

Finger Lickin Good

Maritime Express Cider Co, Kentville NS

My boyfriend and I went to Maritime Express Cider Co. in Kentville, NS for the first time in June and both had the fried chicken sandwich - he had the regular and I had the hot honey. We could have licked our plates it was so good! It was crunchy, juicy, flavourful, comforting, delicious - everything you want fried chicken to be. We couldn't get out of our minds how good this fried chicken was, so a couple weeks later we did another drive to the Valley just to get this sandwich for lunch. This is the best friend chicken we've ever had, and we stop here every time we're in the Valley!

Submitted By Whitney Cant

The Tiniest House

Victoria By The Sea, PEI

Out for a walk while enjoying a famous PEI Ice Cream Cone when we came across this tiny, perfect house in Victoria By The Sea.

Submitted By Marcelle Stott

Cowvid 19

Halifax NS

Always love to go to Cow's on the Halifax waterfront for a double scoop of Mooey-Gooey and Cowie-Wowie. I love the humour of the Cow's merchandise so wasn't totally surprised at the humorous but well played mask on their mascot. Well done Cow's!

Submitted By Susan Topping

Gourmet Breakfast

St Andrews, NB

During our week-long trip in mid-August, we looked forward to sampling a variety of cuisine as we toured the four corners of New Brunswick from our home in Shediac Bridge to the tip of Miscou Island, Edmundston and St. Stephen. My husband and I were excited when our 11-year-old granddaughter, Genevieve, agreed to join us. Our journey began from home where we often enjoy award-winning, fried clams from Chez Leo and fresh lobster that we boil in Shediac Bay water. Driving north, we enjoyed Chinese cuisine at the House of Lee in Bathurst. After two days of touring there, we drove west to Edmundston to walk through the beautiful Botanical Gardens, have a meal and spend the night. In Grand Falls, we ate breakfast at the Hilltop Restaurant overlooking the falls. As we continued our trip south, we drove along the magnificent St. John river and scenic backroads, finally arriving in St. Andrews to stay at the quaint Inn on Frederick. There we enjoyed two delicious gourmet breakfasts. After a free tour of the Ganong Chocolate Factory in St. Stephen, we had to treat ourselves. Who can resist a bag of fresh chicken bones, even when it isn't Christmas? The last leg of our journey included a ferry ride to Deer Island to have lunch at the 45th Parallel Restaurant where we sampled delicious chicken fingers. Not only do we have a diverse province with coastal drives, rivers, mountains, special gardens, and numerous attractions, there are many restaurants to satisfy every tastebud. In addition to visiting many parts of New Brunswick for the first time and enjoying a variety of meals, it was extra special having our delightful granddaughter share it with us.

Submitted By Judy Smith

Nova Scotias Finest Ice Cream

Tatamagouche, NS

Imagine driving through Nova Scotia's Cobequid Mountains. Shimmering hues of red, orange, yellow and rusty brown are incredibly vibrant as the warm glow of the morning sun peaks over those rolling hills. The ground fog ads to the mystique. You are on a culinary adventure that begins with pancakes and maple syrup in a log cabin as the sweet scent of a crackling fiqqq1re perfumes the air. After a hearty start to the day at Sugar Moon, you set out to the nearby North Shore that is dotted with luscious sand beaches and salt water as warm as a bath tub - a hidden autumn treat known to locals. Before long though you are ready to carry on your tasting your with lunch inside a quaint retired train car at the Train Station in and then you will take a short walk on your way to sample the seasonal specials at the local Craft Brewer, TataBrew, . On your way through your favourite small town, you discover something new on Mainr Street? What is this - homemade ice cream? A classic gelato case is a full display if intriguing flavours - classics made with premium, local ingredients; some exotic flavour combinations as well as seasonal specialties. As the sweet aroma of fresh waffle cones wraps around you, you realize there will be precious few days remaining this year that will allow you to walk down the street eating an ice cream cone... You decide to go for a scoop of a Stickey Toffee Pudding. Make that two scoops. Suddenly it is no longer fall as you are transported instantly to Chrisimas. The incredibly creamy and rich ice cream oozes with swirls of a Buttery Toffee sauce and Moist Crumbles of perfectly Spiced Cake. Its enough to warm your soul. Where to next? Maybe a stop for some local wine or Cider in Malgash? Don't forget to check out that new Mead maker just down the road!

Submitted By Daniel Curren

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