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Staycation Contest Entries

Picture-Perfect Fishing Villages

Imagine a life less complicated. A time when things moved at a slower pace. Make it happen now! Slow down, take some deep breaths and live in the moment while visiting our picturesque fishing villages. You’ll find fishermen, going about their daily chores, who are only too happy to stop, chat about their catch and explain the ins and out of the fishery. Visit a lobster pound, learn how to dry fish, or meet the crab boats as they come in. Beachcombing, looking for agate, fossils, beach glass or collecting sand dollars is always a possibility. If you’re a camera buff, there’s a picture postcard moment around every bend. Lighthouses often fall into the picture and have stories of their own.

Low Tide

Halls Harbour, NS

Of all the beautiful fishing villages in the Atlantic provinces my favourite is Hall's Harbour, where you can watch the Bay of Fundy tides. At low tide, the boats sit on the floor of the Harbour. Fishermen/women have to work with rise and fall of the tide.

Submitted By Julie Sheffield

Sea Caves

St Martins, NB

It was such a special treat to explore St Martins village this spring and to discover the Fundy Trail Parkway. The caves at St Martins as well as the Bay of Fundy coast line are magnificent and well worth the staycation to explore our own province.

Submitted By Amy Watson

Early Morning Tide

St Andrews, NB

St. Andrews is the perfect spot for a visit to explore the ocean and walk on the fishing pier, especially in the early morning when the water is calm and the cormorants are busy getting their morning feed. It is such a beautiful quaint place to visit.

Submitted By Bonnie Chubb

Halls Harbour From On High

Halls Harbour, Kings County, NS

It wasn't until last year that I was introduced to Halls Harbour. It has quickly become a favourite stopping destination while in the Valley. It's quiet, hidden from a lot of traffic and just simply beautiful. I love walking the beach and sitting watching the tide come in.

Submitted By Christine Summers

Beautiful Alma

Alma, NB

Alma, NB, is a pretty little town at the entrance of Fundy National park. Alma has a bakery with the best sticky buns and beautiful scenery with the fishing boats.

Submitted By Lise Costello

Malpeque Charm

Malpeque, PEI

This quaint fishing village in PEI is where we wandered and enjoyed the typical PEI quiet maritime beauty after a shellfish lunch fresh from the sea. The peace and tranquility of the village has merited many return visits.

Submitted By Marcelle Stott


Harbourville, NS

The Bay of Fundy is the locale for many picturesque fishing villages. They may seem quaint but one can only imagine how the changing tides and weather patterns wear on their very existence. Not so unlike their hardworking fishers who navigate these challenges in order to make a living and provide us with maritime delights such as scallops, lobster, haddock, and halibut to name a few. We live near Harbourville, Nova Scotia, where we can enjoy spectacular views of sunsets, the Isle of Haute, the changing tide and a walkable rock beach. And of course we often pick up the makings for a seafood feast at the Harbourville Fish Market!

Submitted By Sheila Munro

Fishermans Wharf

Eastern Passage, NS

Minutes from home is Eastern Passage. A more perfect fishing village cannot be found for me. It has the perfect fishing village flair. Fishing boats, gift shops, boardwalk, restaurants, small beach, seagulls and views of Halifax off in the distance. A stunning place to be in the year of staycations.

Submitted By Wendy Pike

Picture Perfect Places

Peggys Cove, NS

Peggys Cove and surrounding little ports were amazing to see. The colorful quaint boats and buoys and birds galore:) the salt water air and the friendly conversations.

Submitted By marie donovan

Fishing fun in Guysborough

Guysborough, NS

Nothing like your first catch! The docks of the Guysborough Harbour in Nova Scotia are not just picture perfect, but are a great spot to cast a line. Rose and Ewan were very proud to display their prize before we released it back into the water.

Submitted By Laura MacNeil

Peace on water

Toney River, NS

A quick drive out the sunrise trail from Pictou you will find the beautiful fishing village of Toney River. Always a beautiful and serene atmosphere to take in some of the beauty our province had to offer.

Submitted By Jennifer Gillis

Lobster Fishing Bouctouche Bay

Bouctouche Bay, NB

This is a photo of the first day of lobster fishing in South Eastern NB in Bouctouche Bay/Ste Edouard NB on a beautiful morning August 4th 2020!!

Submitted By Renelle Girouard

The Ribbon of Road to Stanley Bridge

Stanley Bridge, PEI

The road meanders and is a lovely sight, morning, noon or night.

Submitted By Gord Stott

Rainbow Houses

St John's, NL

Perhaps stretching the definition of village a little, but I love this vibrant picture of St John's. We cannot wait to return!

Submitted By Jason Grove

Peaceful Rock


A beautiful fall day in Newfoundland. A little sun lends sparkle to even the greyest of days.

Submitted By Jason Grove

Blue Rocks

Blue Rocks, NS

It is nice to visit a place that either by circumstance or comfort with the way things are, has not changed quickly. We are very lucky to have so many picture-perfect fishing villages in Atlantic Canada.

Submitted By Heather Findlay

Fishing around NB

Cape Tormentine, NB

Since the usual Acadian day celebrations were cancelled this year, I decided to take a road trip to explore a different part of the province. I drove around the Base Vert Peninsula and had a fabulous lunch at Le Chat Bleu Bistro and fished off the old ferry terminal at Cape Tormentine.

Submitted By Chris Mersereau

Rainfall Afterglow

Peggys Cove, NS

Although the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove is the main attraction, there is plenty more beautiful scenery to take in there. From exploring the colourful shops, snacking on homemade ice cream and admiring the fisherman's way of life. The beautiful sunsets are also a must see. In my photo, the sky was just starting to clear for the sunset after some heavy rain showers. It made for a beautiful backdrop for the colourful fishing boats and seaside shanties.

Submitted By Bernadette Boutilier

Knot Me

Westport Brier Island, NS

You have to visit Wonderful Westport NS on Brier Island. Two little ferry rides to get there and so worth it! I took a little stroll around and ran into these friendly Fishermen, who were busy tying their lines and they had a few 'lines' for me!

Submitted By Catharine Cole

Perfect Summer Day

Heckmans Island, NS

We decided late in the week to take a weekend camping/kayaking trip with friends and found ourselves in Lunenburg. We paddled to and around Heckman's Island on Saturday, exploring all the little coves. It was a hot and calm summer day, just perfect to be out on the water. The sky was like a perfect photo - the bluest blue and the clouds looked as though wisps of cotton had been pulled from them.

Submitted By Joni Roper

As the Sun Sets

Peggy's Cove, NS

Summer staycation this year was just that. Living on Cape Breton Island, the Cabot Trail is a must, in each season actually! This summer also meant a few trips to Halifax to visit family and of course no trip is complete without a visit to Peggy's Cove! That being said, my photo is not of the famous Lighthouse, although many were taken. Instead we stopped for some sunset shots of the fishing huts and boats. Much to my delight, when viewing the photos after returning home, I noticed a 'staple' on the East Coast. If you look real close you may see him too! Peggy's Cove never disappoints!!

Submitted By Ruth Boudreau

East Coast Treasure

Lunenburg, NS

We are locals but never get tired of a visit to Lunenburg. The best way to see the town is to come in over the hill from Corkum's Island. We were late arriving today; sun was going down, the sky was clearing, there is a rainbow out of the picture off to the right and we found the right spot to capture the look, no, the feel of the town. Magical.

Submitted By Greg Corkum

Ingalls Head, Grand Manan Island

Ingalls Head Grand Manan Island, NB

This quaint fishing village of Ingalls Head, Grand Manan NB captured my attention on our staycation visit this August. The whole island is a hidden gem in the Bay of Fundy. The Island offers an array of scenery, rugged coastal beauty of cliffs and geology, light houses, flora and fauna. It's only a 90 minute ferry ride from Blacks Harbour on the New Brunswick mainland to North Head on Grand Manan Island. With the size of the island it was easy to get around without getting lost. You'll also find here some much needed peace and quiet.

Submitted By Joy Doucette

Larrys River on a Sunday morning

Larry's River, NS

Sitting on the deck of my Aunt and Uncle's Cottage in the Sunday morning stillness.... and this is the view across the water.

Submitted By Bridget Anne Michels

Nineteen Twenty or Twenty Twenty

Stanley Bridge, PEI

We hadn't been to PEI in ages, so when Rodd's Crowbush offered a special for the summer, early in the spring, we thought it would give us something to look forward to if there ended up being an 'Atlantic Bubble.' The timing was perfect, and in a rented convertible 4x4, we headed out for a fantastic weekend. The picture is from Stanley Bridge, where while we dined on local oysters we watched the kids jumping off the bridge. It was as if time had stood still - such a quintessential summer thing for kids to do.

Submitted By Lisa J Olie

Gilberts Lighthouse is More Than a Lighthouse

Gilberts Lighthouse, Digby County, NS

Are you are searching for history, a serene shoreline to wet your toes, local crafts, or a hot beverage in a tearoom? All these temptations await you at Gilbert's Lighthouse, Digby County. At least, that's what the brochures promised. When I arrived at the solitary lighthouse at the end of a dirt road, a Covid-19 restriction sign greeted me; 'The Lighthouse will remain closed until further notice'. I was disheartened. But, with an urge to explore, I set out on foot over the grassy carpet toward the charming wooden steps of the lighthouse perched precariously at the end of the point overlooking St. Mary's Bay. I imagined myself back in the early 1900's hunting for crab in the clear waters of Gilbert's Cove, windswept and rosy cheeked, as the five Melanson children who had once inhabited the lighthouse surely had been. I speculated how the loyalist family, the only keepers of Gilbert's lighthouse, survived the gales off the eastern point, or kept the light illuminated every day while bringing up their five children on this isolated headland. An iron ship's anchor resting on the grassy grounds remains a testament to the harsh conditions Gilbert's Lighthouse had once endured. But today, I was soothed by calm waters, and a warm sun trying its best to cast a celestial halo over the prestigious lighthouse. The tide was receding, leaving the shores a beach comers paradise. Shells, sea glass, seaweed, along with a head or two of curious seals danced with the waves. Gilbert's Lighthouse is more than a lighthouse. It was once a home to two generations of the Melanson family and now, it is a hidden gem for the adventurer to find scenic serenity.

Submitted By Patricia Joudrey

It is Back

Ferry Crossing Village of Gagetown, NB

After a year of isolation, nothing to do with COVID-19, we are able to enjoy visiting the local areas of Southwestern New Brunswick on slow, enjoyable scenic routes rather than taking the Trans Canada Highway. Ferry hopping is a great way to meet local artists, picking apples from the local Orchards and to complete the afternoon and/or day, a stop at 'The Olde Boot'. It makes it a day.

Submitted By Michel Lefebvre

Wood Islands

Wood Islands PEI

Staycation - Stay Active Those of us who are retired are on a perpetual vacation so the problem was what to do while being confined due to COVID-19 restrictions on non-essential travel. This is where I was fortunate because my hobby is amateur radio. Many amateurs around the world are passionate about contacting a fellow amateur broadcasting from a lighthouse. In the last five years Bernie (VE9BGC) from Dieppe and myself have teamed up to broadcast from lighthouses in the Maritimes. Bernie is a retired electronics technician and very adept at designing and building portable antennas.. A past activation at Cape Enrage in New Brunswick was featured in the December 2018/January 2019 edition of Saltscapes. The pandemic restrictions didn't allow us to do the traditional team activation which is basically a weekend camping trip to a lighthouse. After local travel restrictions were lifted the alternative was to start doing solo short period activations in PEI and NB. Again Bernie had come through with a portable antenna which could be attached to a vehicle. My vehicle is a Subaru Legacy which has the space to carry the equipment, the comfort to sit in for several hours and the capability to provide electrical power to supplement my battery pack. When the Atlantic bubble was created we could now get back to the weekend activations. In July we setup at Northport near Alberton. In August it was Wood Islands and lastly Victoria By The Sea in September. The Wood Islands activation was part of the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend event. This event has over five hundred registrations around the world. All in all I was fortunate to have a hobby which allowed me to keep busy while the pandemic was being brought under control.

Submitted By George Dewar

Peace in Blue Rocks

Blue Rocks, Lunenburg County, NS

COVID-19 isolated my husband, son and I from our family and friends. My sister and I have been very close our whole lives and being apart was heartbreaking. My son decided to rent a house for the month of June and asked us to join him. He found a little waterfront spot of paradise called Blue Rocks in Lunenburg County. As the COVID restrictions lifted we included my sister and her family in our bubble. We spent our days talking with the very friendly residents of Blue Rocks, laughing, walking, exploring, kayaking, cooking, trying out new drinks and more. This experience filled our hearts with joy and peace. Thank you Blue Rocks and Lunenburg!

Submitted By Brenda Morrisey


Miscou Island, NB

During our week-long trip in mid-August, we toured the four corners of New Brunswick from our home in Shediac Bridge to Miscou Island to Edmundston to St. Stephen. When my husband and I invited our 11 year old granddaughter, Genevieve, to join us, she surprised us by saying, 'Yes' with no hesitation at all. Our journey began from our home where we often enjoy tender, fried clams and fish and chips from Chez Leo Take-out and fresh, live lobster that we boil in Shediac Bay water. Our first stop was the northeast region of the province where we spent two days exploring coastal routes and fishing villages along the Chaleur Bay, from Bathurst through Grande-Anse and Caraquet to Shippagan where we toured the largest aquarium in New Brunswick. Along the way to Miscou Island, we saw many colorful fishing boats tied up. We visited the Miscou Island Lighthouse, where an Acadian Festival was underway with games, crafts, music and Acadian cuisine. Under sunny skies we walked the beach where Chaleur Bay meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence. There we gathered small pieces of driftwood for crafts and home decorating. While continuing our road trip over the next five days, we toured beautiful gardens, viewed waterfalls and backroad vistas of mountains and valleys, ate snacks at picnic sites and savoured traditional, restaurant food. We had many interesting conversations with Genevieve while driving around our province. In addition to visiting parts of New Brunswick for the first time, it was extra special having this delightful young lady share it with us.

Submitted By Judy Smith

Quiet Calm

Malpeque, PEI

Relaxing day in a peaceful setting.

Submitted By Marie Stott

Deer Island Ferry Landing During Low Tide

L'Etete, NB

Staycation NB Driving around in our own backyard, fishing boat at low tide.

Submitted By Marlene Allaby

Waiting for the Boat People

Ingomar, NS

My wife and I are fans of Staycations. We were on a number of them last summer and feel very comfortable, Covid 19 wise, travelling within the Maritime Provinces. Photography has been my hobby for over 50 years and my wife paints in watercolor and acrylics. We tend to seek subject matter that we might use in our pastimes. I had enjoyed photographing the early morning foggy fishing villages near Pubnico, N.S. once before, and so we decided to spend last Labour Day weekend there. We booked a delightful Victorian Country Heritage home B&B in Pubnico. It was beautifully decorated and the breakfasts were delightful to the eye and taste buds. As a bonus I discovered that one of the partners that ran the B&B was a professional photographer. We had so much in common. One advantage of a Staycation is that you have more time to chat with people and learn new experiences. We spent our days wandering around fishing villages and beaches. Much was closed because of Covid 19, but we enjoyed every minute of it and the virus did not cross our minds. We enjoyed pursuing the many artistic locations in the area, such as Ledge Harbour and Abbotts Harbour, and Ingomar Harbour where I took this photograph. My wife and I will do more Staycations. We strongly recommend them.

Submitted By Sharron Isnor

Blowing in the Wind

Little Tancook Island, NS

August 2020. Our Staycation time this year was spent mostly on Little Tancook Island, a small island off Chester NS. The only way to get to Little Tancook, 6 kms off shore is by 35 minute Ferry Ride. The staycation was even more delightful when we sighted the Bluenose in all her Splendor sailing directly past Little Tancook Island wharf. I managed to capture this photo along with the Nova Scotia flag that blows in the wind.

Submitted By Trudy Lake

Rainbow Spout

Bay of Fundy off Brier Island, NS

Brier Island is at the most western point of Nova Scotia. It's a very charming spot with great access to whale watching in the Bay of Fundy. There are several companies that offer the whale watch tours but they all share information on location of whale sightings. We went out for a 5:30pm tour and saw a Humpback whale at the mouth of the harbour and then had 4 more sightings after that. We saw quite a few dolphins and seals as well as several sea birds. It was a bit cool so wearing a mask for the trip actually helped to keep you warm. A beautiful sunset on the way back to the dock topped off a perfectly magical evening!

Submitted By Susan Topping


Shelburne, NS

Growing up in a small fishing community in Nova Scotia the distant groan of the fog horn was as common as a seagull's cry. There is a peaceful calm that comes with the fog, perhaps it's from taking deeper breaths to feel it in your lungs or the stillness it seems to invoke. This photo was taken on the Shelburne waterfront, knowing that the fog would lift by lunch I stopped to savour the unique quiet calm that foggy summer mornings bring.

Submitted By Arin Selig

Peaceful Day at Peggys Cove

Peggy's Cove, NS

A peaceful day at Peggy's Cove where this little blue boat rested on the calm water inlet. The water was blue, the boat was blue, the sky was blue ... the day was anything but. It was a relaxing, and peaceful day with friendly people -- all enjoying the views in the quaint fishing village of Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.

Submitted By M Gillis

Sea Spray and Feast of Nova Scotia

Tusket Islands, NS

A magical day sailing amongst Southwestern Nova Scotia's Tusket Islands. The scent of the sea, the refreshing salt spray facial mist and the musical rhythm of shimmering waves lapping the vessels sides as she sails through the channels of Ellenwood, Deep Cove and John's Islands. This created the perfect relaxing atmosphere for the legends and tales of years of pirates, apparitions, skiffs and wooden lobster pots. The evenings crimson sunset dances over the glittering waters christening the ambience of a magnificent feast of Nova Scotia's finest seafood dinner. All in a magical day of a Nova Scotia staycation.

Submitted By Carol OConnell

Low Tide

Alma, NB

This quaint little village is a very popular destination especially for the fishing boats, delicious seafood and lets not forget the Sticky Buns.

Submitted By Debby Heskett


Ministers Island St Andrews, NB

My mom and two sisters visited St Andrews, NB this past summer for an overnight getaway. We loved exploring the town and stayed at the historical Alquonquin. We also enjoyed our supper on a patio which overlooked the town wharf and a visit to Minister's Island.

Submitted By Heather Rutherford

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