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Splish Splash – head to the shore!

Atlantic Canada has literally hundreds of parks with fresh and saltwater waterfronts, so finding a place to go for a seaside stroll and dip is as easy as eating ice cream. Many of the beaches are supervised; some are long expanses of beach that stretch into the horizon; others are more intimate and secluded. Add to this, hundred more lakes and beaches and the spots that only the locals know about (but love to tell you about) well, you get the picture. Choice abounds; big or small, busy or quiet, they each have their own magic and charm.

Pups First Time Tubing

Miramichi, NB

After the long Spring of being housebound we decided to take a family staycation to Miramichi, New Brunswick!! Our 1 year old pup Lucy wanted to join in on our family trip as well. I'm not sure that tubing would have been her first choice of an extracurricular activity, but she was a great sport!!!

Submitted By Brandy Robinson

Tetagouche Waterfalls

Bathurst, NB

We headed to Tetagouche falls for a quick dip in the heat of a summers day. I had never been to the falls before, and what a wonderful spot! A hidden gem right in our backyard.

Submitted By Amy Watson

Gorgeous Greenwich

Greenwich, PEI

Gorgeous Greenwich is part of the PEI national park system. It is, however, more of a local hidden gem! Choose the scenic route by opting for the short hiking trail in. After a few kilometres, you will be rewarded with a stunning vista and white sandy dunes as far as the eye can see.

Submitted By Julie Clements

St Martins Beach and Caves

St Martins, NB

This beautiful beach and caves is a popular destination for tourists and local New Brunswicker's to visit. At low tide you can explore the beach caves and high tide swim in the ocean waters. It is just so beautiful!

Submitted By Bonnie Chubb

Present meets Past

Bouctouche New Brunswick

Oh the stories these posts could tell. Storms and sun -- winds and waves. You see it all at Bouctouche Bay. Right here in Atlantic Canada.

Submitted By David Watson

Paddling in Paradise

Petpeswick Lake Gaetz Brook NS

We are so very fortunate! Staycations are a (near) daily event for us. We live on a lake, one that is crystal clear and sparsely populated. Whenever we can we make the effort (it's not really that hard) to find a way to enjoy what we have. Along with Tali, our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, we are forever exploring this beautiful Nova Scotia paradise we call home.

Submitted By Derek Burnett

Rissers Beach Boardwalk

Rissers Beach Provincial Park, NS

Spending the summer within Nova Scotia is an easy task! This summer our family decided to load up our tent trailer and head to Rissers Beach Provincial Park and Campground. We spent one day exploring the local area making special trips across the LaHave Ferry and to famous LaHave Bakery and Crafters Co-op, and also to the Petite Riviere Vineyards and Petite Riviere General Store. We spent two days exploring the local beaches, Crescent Beach and, of course, Rissers Beach! Both are great beaches for families with young children. Crescent Beach offers the unique experience and convenience of being able to drive along the beach to find the perfect spot! No hauling heavy loads! Rissers Beach offers great parking, washrooms, a canteen and picnic area. The waters were surprisingly warm (as warm as waters on the Atlantic Coast can get!). The sand at both were perfect for sandcastles and burying toes. We capped off our trip with an evening stroll down the Rissers Beach boardwalk (pictured here). We captured this moment just as the sun was setting to remind us of our perfect South Shore, Nova Scotian Staycation!

Submitted By Alison Grant

Sunset Love

Toney River, NS

There are many tourist destinations around the world that boast of their beautiful sunsets. Tourists flock to Key West (Florida), Grenada (Spain), to name a few, and jostle for space to watch sun sink below the ocean. I have seen many of these and none compare to the spectacular sunsets along Nova Scotia's Sunrise Trail. Each evening the sunset is unique with a new array of colours. Look for the umbrella signs for public beaches Along the Sunrise Trail or discover one of your own. My husband and I love to make a picnic of local cheeses, breads and wine, head to the shore, throw down a blanket, take a deep breath and watch the show!

Submitted By Marlene Poirier

Family time at the Beach

Chelton, PEI

Staycation with little ones and pets are a perfect holiday. Chelton beach gives you warm tides, red sand and lots of sandbars to explore and run. Always filled with happy memories every time we go, plus it is the dog's favorite place, he gets to run wide open and swim till his hearts content!

Submitted By Crystal Isherwood


Port Hood Beach, NS

We booked a cottage in Port Hood, Cape Breton, for our family 'bubble'. The beautiful beaches and warm water provided a wonderful opportunity to celebrate summer in Cape Breton and focus on family for 5 days in July. All 3 generations went cycling, explored the countryside, tried to catch some fish (we ended up ordering take out), and enjoyed some local lobster. But best of all was the freedom to be ourselves, to reconnect and to play! Our grandsons couldn't resist a good, old fashioned water fight!

Submitted By Sheila Munro

I SHORE do love this view

Brule Shore, NS

This photo was taken on Brule Shore, near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The warmest waters north of the Carolinas! I have been very fortunate to have grown up in this area and have spent the better part of 50 years exploring this beach. It continues to amaze me and every summer spent here reminds me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful province.

Submitted By Lorie Mitchell

Sunset in Port Hood

Port Hood, NS

We were excited to visit Cape Breton island for the first time. The beaches were absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed the sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. Here is a picture in Port Hood, NS.


A Wrong Turn into a Great Adventure

Black Hole Falls,NS

My husband and I just stayed at a quaint Bed and Breakfast in Canning, NS. Our innkeeper recommended that we drive to Baxter Harbour Falls, which would involve a brisk walk on a short trail. After driving along Old Baxters Harbour Road, we were unable to find the suggested path, but we saw a trail leading into the woods on the side of this road. Assuming this must be the place, we parked alongside the road and began our journey. We hiked through the wooded trail, then lost track of the path, but decided to follow a small stream that passed a pool of water, then led to a breathtaking waterfall. The only way to get down to the bottom and back up was via a rope that had been strewn across the side of this magnificent cascade. The water was so cool and refreshing, a great way to cool off on such a hot day. This picture was taken at the top of the falls. When we returned and showed our innkeeper the photos we had taken, we learned that this was not Baxters Harbour Falls, but instead Black Hole Falls. A wonderful mistake on our part. Plus, we now have a reason to go back and explore this area some more as we have yet to find Baxter Harbour Falls. Always an adventure in Nova Scotia.

Submitted By Natasha Buchanan

Geometry Lesson

Long Beach, NS

Sometimes the math lesson is written in stone! On a beach! One of favourite, year round, activities is beach combing! In Nova Scotia we are so fortunate to have an beach close by, no matter we we are. The best part is, every tide brings a new treasure.

Submitted By Lynn Manning

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