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Splish Splash – head to the shore!

Atlantic Canada has literally hundreds of parks with fresh and saltwater waterfronts, so finding a place to go for a seaside stroll and dip is as easy as eating ice cream. Many of the beaches are supervised; some are long expanses of beach that stretch into the horizon; others are more intimate and secluded. Add to this, hundred more lakes and beaches and the spots that only the locals know about (but love to tell you about) well, you get the picture. Choice abounds; big or small, busy or quiet, they each have their own magic and charm.

Pups First Time Tubing

Miramichi, NB

After the long Spring of being housebound we decided to take a family staycation to Miramichi, New Brunswick!! Our 1 year old pup Lucy wanted to join in on our family trip as well. I'm not sure that tubing would have been her first choice of an extracurricular activity, but she was a great sport!!!

Submitted By Brandy Robinson

Tetagouche Waterfalls

Bathurst, NB

We headed to Tetagouche falls for a quick dip in the heat of a summers day. I had never been to the falls before, and what a wonderful spot! A hidden gem right in our backyard.

Submitted By Amy Watson

Gorgeous Greenwich

Greenwich, PEI

Gorgeous Greenwich is part of the PEI national park system. It is, however, more of a local hidden gem! Choose the scenic route by opting for the short hiking trail in. After a few kilometres, you will be rewarded with a stunning vista and white sandy dunes as far as the eye can see.

Submitted By Julie Clements

St Martins Beach and Caves

St Martins, NB

This beautiful beach and caves is a popular destination for tourists and local New Brunswicker's to visit. At low tide you can explore the beach caves and high tide swim in the ocean waters. It is just so beautiful!

Submitted By Bonnie Chubb

Present meets Past

Bouctouche New Brunswick

Oh the stories these posts could tell. Storms and sun -- winds and waves. You see it all at Bouctouche Bay. Right here in Atlantic Canada.

Submitted By David Watson

Paddling in Paradise

Petpeswick Lake Gaetz Brook NS

We are so very fortunate! Staycations are a (near) daily event for us. We live on a lake, one that is crystal clear and sparsely populated. Whenever we can we make the effort (it's not really that hard) to find a way to enjoy what we have. Along with Tali, our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, we are forever exploring this beautiful Nova Scotia paradise we call home.

Submitted By Derek Burnett

Rissers Beach Boardwalk

Rissers Beach Provincial Park, NS

Spending the summer within Nova Scotia is an easy task! This summer our family decided to load up our tent trailer and head to Rissers Beach Provincial Park and Campground. We spent one day exploring the local area making special trips across the LaHave Ferry and to famous LaHave Bakery and Crafters Co-op, and also to the Petite Riviere Vineyards and Petite Riviere General Store. We spent two days exploring the local beaches, Crescent Beach and, of course, Rissers Beach! Both are great beaches for families with young children. Crescent Beach offers the unique experience and convenience of being able to drive along the beach to find the perfect spot! No hauling heavy loads! Rissers Beach offers great parking, washrooms, a canteen and picnic area. The waters were surprisingly warm (as warm as waters on the Atlantic Coast can get!). The sand at both were perfect for sandcastles and burying toes. We capped off our trip with an evening stroll down the Rissers Beach boardwalk (pictured here). We captured this moment just as the sun was setting to remind us of our perfect South Shore, Nova Scotian Staycation!

Submitted By Alison Grant

Sunset Love

Toney River, NS

There are many tourist destinations around the world that boast of their beautiful sunsets. Tourists flock to Key West (Florida), Grenada (Spain), to name a few, and jostle for space to watch sun sink below the ocean. I have seen many of these and none compare to the spectacular sunsets along Nova Scotia's Sunrise Trail. Each evening the sunset is unique with a new array of colours. Look for the umbrella signs for public beaches Along the Sunrise Trail or discover one of your own. My husband and I love to make a picnic of local cheeses, breads and wine, head to the shore, throw down a blanket, take a deep breath and watch the show!

Submitted By Marlene Poirier

Family time at the Beach

Chelton, PEI

Staycation with little ones and pets are a perfect holiday. Chelton beach gives you warm tides, red sand and lots of sandbars to explore and run. Always filled with happy memories every time we go, plus it is the dog's favorite place, he gets to run wide open and swim till his hearts content!

Submitted By Crystal Isherwood


Port Hood Beach, NS

We booked a cottage in Port Hood, Cape Breton, for our family 'bubble'. The beautiful beaches and warm water provided a wonderful opportunity to celebrate summer in Cape Breton and focus on family for 5 days in July. All 3 generations went cycling, explored the countryside, tried to catch some fish (we ended up ordering take out), and enjoyed some local lobster. But best of all was the freedom to be ourselves, to reconnect and to play! Our grandsons couldn't resist a good, old fashioned water fight!

Submitted By Sheila Munro

I SHORE do love this view

Brule Shore, NS

This photo was taken on Brule Shore, near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. The warmest waters north of the Carolinas! I have been very fortunate to have grown up in this area and have spent the better part of 50 years exploring this beach. It continues to amaze me and every summer spent here reminds me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful province.

Submitted By Lorie Mitchell

Sunset in Port Hood

Port Hood, NS

We were excited to visit Cape Breton island for the first time. The beaches were absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed the sunsets over the Atlantic Ocean. Here is a picture in Port Hood, NS.


A Wrong Turn into a Great Adventure

Black Hole Falls,NS

My husband and I just stayed at a quaint Bed and Breakfast in Canning, NS. Our innkeeper recommended that we drive to Baxter Harbour Falls, which would involve a brisk walk on a short trail. After driving along Old Baxters Harbour Road, we were unable to find the suggested path, but we saw a trail leading into the woods on the side of this road. Assuming this must be the place, we parked alongside the road and began our journey. We hiked through the wooded trail, then lost track of the path, but decided to follow a small stream that passed a pool of water, then led to a breathtaking waterfall. The only way to get down to the bottom and back up was via a rope that had been strewn across the side of this magnificent cascade. The water was so cool and refreshing, a great way to cool off on such a hot day. This picture was taken at the top of the falls. When we returned and showed our innkeeper the photos we had taken, we learned that this was not Baxters Harbour Falls, but instead Black Hole Falls. A wonderful mistake on our part. Plus, we now have a reason to go back and explore this area some more as we have yet to find Baxter Harbour Falls. Always an adventure in Nova Scotia.

Submitted By Natasha Buchanan

Geometry Lesson

Long Beach, NS

Sometimes the math lesson is written in stone! On a beach! One of favourite, year round, activities is beach combing! In Nova Scotia we are so fortunate to have an beach close by, no matter we we are. The best part is, every tide brings a new treasure.

Submitted By Lynn Manning


Cavendish, PEI

Just returned back from a week in Cavendish ... a trip we have taken annually for 8 years with our kids and grandkids. We book our reservations a year in advance and look forward to family time. This year with Covid19 we didn't think it would happen .. our host was so accommodating, holding the reservation till the last minute. Our family had to quarantine in our bubble ... and YES, we were able to continue tradition! Daily visits to the beach collecting rocks, daily bike rides to Cows & the bakery, some treasures at the local pottery places - we got to enjoy our week in PEI! Memories continue!

Submitted By Leonie Metz

Beaches Galore

Sebim Beach, NS

Hidden Wonder "Sebim Beach", Baccaro Lighthouse, and Barrington Area Beaches With Covid Looming in Nova Scotia there were many cancellations from those outside Nova Scotia to come visit. That allowed us to snag a cottage on Sebim Beach right beside Sandhills Provincial Park just outside of Barrington. Sitting on our porch for a week we were looking across the water at Cape Sable Island known as the hub of Lobster fishing on the South Shore. Due to the location the water is warm considering it is the Atlantic Ocean. Sebim is a Beautiful Beach in itself but as we looked across at Cape Sable we could see many Beaches so we explored. The list is too long to post here but Causeway, Hawk, etc etc. Day trips are a must as you are minutes away from the Baccaro Lighthouse Nova Scotia's most southernly point. We had Beautiful weather but were told during storms people flock there to see it's Beauty and respect we have as Bluenosers for the power of the Atlantic. Driving around Cape Sable is awe inspiring as Fishing Villages of Clark's Harbour, Clam Point etc are full of idle Lobster Boats resting after a tough season of uncertainty due to the Virus. This area is a "Must See" !! I would be amiss if I didn't mention a trip to Barrington Passage for fresh fish each day puts a bonus on our week in this Paradise. The Locals know about it but does the rest of Nova Scotia? Put it on your Bucket List!!!

Submitted By Jeffrey A Miller

A little bit of heaven

Janeville, NB

We stay at Chapman's campground in Janeville, NB The beach there changes everyday with the tides and so does the lovely sunsets! This picture was taken on a very warm summer evening ..with a lone kayaker far off shore, in the suns rays! A little bit of heaven on earth!

Submitted By Flora McLean

Riding the Fundy Tidal Bore

Shubenacadie River, NS Tidal Bore Rafting Urbania

Splish Splash is the perfect title for our adventure. My daughter and I were joined by my sister and her family and our mom from PEI. We stayed at The Tidal Bore Resort in Sheubenacadie for the weekend. This was the first time we had seen each other in many months due to the COVID restrictions. To say we had a blast is an understatement. Pictured here are my daughter Noelle and her cousin Alex on the tidal bore. It was so much fun and such a unique experience right in our own back yard. I am not sure what was better, riding the Fundy Tidal Bore or mud sliding down the banks of the river. We also took in the beautiful Victoria Park in Truro and Visited BurntCoat Head. Amazing what we have in our own back yard when we stop to look. We will be doing other events like this again

Submitted By Marisa Eisner

Jump right in

Kennington Cove, Cape Breton, NS

Atlantic Canada is home to some of the best beaches in the world. One of our personal favourites is Kennington Cove in Cape Breton. The scenery (and waves) are spectacular. Jump right in!

Submitted By Laura MacNeil

Perfect day

Toney River, NS

So many beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia. Here's one of my favourite from my staycation in Nova Scotia this summer. I lived in Pictou County for 12 years and didn't know about this gem until this year. Stay home, discover all the beauty in our own backyard.

Submitted By Jennifer Gillis

Seeing Double

Big Island, NS

We are spending our staycation "Covid summer" vacation at the shore near Big Island, Nova Scotia! We have a beautiful view of the sunsets that look like they are sliding down into the ocean! And some nights we are given an extra bonus of seeing the reflection in the water in the inlet! No two sunsets are ever alike! This picture is the best sunset we've witnessed there on the beach! And most of these colors arrived after the sun had already gone over the horizon! You don't have to travel far from home to enjoy nature in our own province.

Submitted By Nelly Smees

Sunset at the amazing Cottage

Pugwash, NS

It had been a long time since my family had a family vacation. This summer my parents renting a beautiful home in Pugwash right on the ocean it was a stunning place and nice after 20+ years having a family summer vacation. Many wonderful memories withy the siblings and nieces and nephews. 2020 has been a year many want to put past us but it has made me appreciate my family and focusing on more of these family trips.

Submitted By Erin LeBlanc

Mr Buoy Head

New River Beach, Pocologan, NB

The salt water runs in this family's veins! So it was only natural to spend a week at New River on the Bay of Fundy in Southern New Brunswick. The beach provided natural treasures & abandoned man made items to create Mr. Buoy Head. From his 'buoy' head, to his colored elastics necklace to his rope braid, we created something fun and tidied up the beach just a little!

Submitted By Wanda J Woodward

Shad Bay Sunset

Shad Bay, NS

We have a small cape cod my husbands grandfather build in the early 1990's. We have spent many summer evenings cruising Shad Bay, Nova Scotia with our family, enjoying the beautiful coastline, cruising to Peggy's Cove and even catching a cod or two! On this particular evening this picture was taken in August 2020, our boat full of family and friends, we came across a broken down boat stranded near the 'gull rocks' outside of Shad Bay head. It took a while but we towed their boat back to their dock and to safety. This picture was taken as we cruised back to the shore. The grateful crew offered us money for our trouble but my husband said the sky already said thank you and it was not good karma to accept money for helping someone at sea. Someday, we could require the help to!

Submitted By Angela Burke

Boating Fun

Ingonish Harbour, NS

Ingonish Harbour holds some lasting summer memories of fun and excitement. Who needs Disney World?

Submitted By Leo Mackinnon

Fishing Boats in Beliveaus Cove at Dusk

Beliveaus Cove, NS

As I sit in my cottage overlooking a shower drenched lake here in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia , I can't help to reflect back on one of my Staycations this summer. In July 2020 my two sisters, my 94 year old mother and myself set forth on a two day road trip in our beautiful Nova Scotia! We made our first stop at Beliveau's Cove outside of Weymouth, walking along the boardwalk that surrounds a pebbly crescent beach regaling in the warm summer breezes .After an engaging visit to The Resto Sur Mer in The Ecole Dans L'Anse we then journeyed on to Birchdale deep in the center of Southwestern, Nova Scotia. At this most magnificent 60 acre property we met the new owners and peeked into some of the 15 or so 110 year old log structures. It was difficult to leave this tranquil haven however down the 11 kilometre dirt road we cautiously made our way when we then realized the back window of my mother's car refused to close! After flapping in the dusty breezes we came to a gas station near Carleton and a kind female attendant helped us cover up the opening with a plastic bag till we sought help from CAA in Argyle! We laid our weary heads down at The Ole Argyler that night and as sisters marveling how our mother had so enjoyed our excursions that day! After a bountiful breakfast at The Argler overlooking the scattered Tusket Islands we continued our Staycation on to Pubnico. We toured around the quaint little fishing village; amazed at the multitude of fishing boats moored in the harbor and after having tea, goodies and a 'yarn' with old friends we found ourselves at the Historic Village of The Acadians. Here the history of the fishing village was so wonderfully captured with folks dressed in period costumes in most of the restored buildings, recounting tales of the past. The view from The Village of the many small islands was so beautiful!

Submitted By Connie dEntremont

Heading out to catch some waves in his boat

Cleveland Beach, NS

It's so nice to live in the Maritimes and to have so many beaches and places to swim nearby. Cleveland Beach in Nova Scotia is a nice small little beach that is close to Halifax, it is also generally less busy and quieter. My son, Maddex, loved trying to catch the waves in his little boat he brought to the beach and we enjoyed the day there.

Submitted By Leah McQuinn

Sea Foam and Seaweed

Kouchibouquac National Park, NB

Before this summer, I've only visited Kouchibouquac National Park in the winter. Every year I've said how nice it would be to bike the trails and see the park without several feet of snow. This year, we finally did it. We snagged a last minute camping site and spent the weekend cycling the trails, walking on the many beaches, and being warned about bears 'just ahead' (we never did see one). We'll definitely be back, and not just for winter activities!

Submitted By Isaiah Jacques

Ponds Tiki Hut

Ponds Beach, NS

For the past 10 years we have constructed a unique little haven on the beach. We are a group of 60+ ladies who spend a lot of time swimming and reading by the sea. The tiki bar is made of discarded scraps of wood from a local saw mill and any other material found to enhance the ambiance of the shelter. A few bright green reeds from the swamp help to give it a tropical flair and passers by have commented 'I feel like I'm in the Caribbean'. Our little piece of paradise is located in Ponds, Merigomish on the Northumberland Strait, halfway between New Glasgow and Antigonish.

Submitted By Vickie MacDonald

Another early morning beach walk

Carters Beach, NS

I heard about Carter's Beach and decided that this was the year to visit. I love the quiet of early mornings and the promise of another beautiful Summer day.

Submitted By Heather Findlay

Beach Life

Green Bay, NS

We experienced the most relaxing staycation when we rented a cottage in Green Bay (MacLeods Cottages). The water was clear and the sound of the waves immediately brought a calming feeling to all. The beach was not crowded and was all you could want to get recharged and re-energized. We vacationed with our family and lifelong friends who enjoyed this amazing beach getaway as much as we did. We are back home but dreaming of returning again next year. Nova Scotia has so much to offer and we hope others get to experience its beauty.

Submitted By Lillian Brown

Breaking clouds after the storm

Morrell PEI

I was afraid I would not get much of a summer after being diagnosed with cancer. However my family took me on a quick vacation to my favourite place, Lakeside PEI, before I had to start my treatments. We had a fabulous time on the beaches and visiting picturesque lighthouses. I felt rejuvenated before having to spend time in the sterile hospital. I can't wait to go back next year.

Submitted By Amy Watson

Mavillette Beach Nova Scotia

Mavillette Beach, NS

One warm sultry day in August 2020 my husband and I decided to escape for a couple of days for a Staycation on the cooler French Shore of Nova Scotia. We made our headquarters in Belliveau Cove staying at Ecole Dans L'Anse Resto Sur Mer in an old renovated school in this tranquil seaside community. Just outside this establishment is a 3.3 kilometer boardwalk along the crescent shaped beach overlooking the Bay of Fundy with vistas of boats, birds and of course the local wharf and lighthouse From here we travelled further down the coast stopping at the marvelous Mavillette Beach which beckoned us into the warm water covering us from head to toe with huge salty waves. We were not alone as many folks had been drawn to frolic on this large beach to relax in the warm summer breezes. After returning to our 'home away from home' we washed up and enjoyed a tasty seafood supper at The Resto. In the morning we stopped at some of the local shops along the shore and then discovered the hidden gem of Smuggler's Cove with it's craggy rock cliffs in this narrow cove. As the story goes once laden with contraband cargo unloaded their goods under the cover of darkness in this spectacular location! That evening we enjoyed an outdoor seafood venue attended by locals and visitors alike as the sun quietly slipped below the horizon. On our way back to the Annapolis Valley we stopped into Gilbert's Cove and although the little Lighthouse Museum was not open due to the pandemic we savored the beauty of The Bay of Fundy surrounding this picturesque outcropping and made our way along the rugged coast. An unexpected stop at the tiny home and workshop of Maud and Everett Lewis was a sheer delight! Upon returning home we reflected on our bountiful Staycation here in our beautiful rugged coastal beauty we call Nova Scotia!

Submitted By Connie Dentremont

Seaside Vista

Taylor Head Provincial Park, NS

Taylor Head Provincial Park is located on the lovely Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. It has beautiful white sand beaches and ocean tumbled rock beaches. There is an abundance of hiking trails with plenty of amazing look offs and lots of wildlife to see. (Note- You will need proper footwear for hiking, flip flops won't do it.). It is quite possible that you might have the whole beach to yourself, if you head there at the right time.

Submitted By Bernadette Boutilier

Not Till I Catch One

Margaretsville, NS

Our grandsons first visit to Margaretsville, Nova Scotia and we couldn't tear him away from the Bay of Fundy shoreline. What a way to end the day, fishing into the beautiful sunset on the Bay. I couldn't stop smiling watching him fish from a distance.

Submitted By Catharine Cole

Swallow Tail Lighthouse

Grand Manan, NB

Swallow Tail Light house is the first lighthouse you see upon arrival in North Head Grand Manan, NB on the ferry! It's a beautiful spot to hike. You will see fishermen's weirs over the step cliffs surrounding the lighthouse and some uninvited seals entering and having their lunch in them! You can see for miles here in all directions.

Submitted By Shari Gillespie

One Way to Cool Down

Cheticamp Island, CB

On a trip around the famous Cabot Trail this summer staycation,the weather was perfect.Because the day was sooo hot,we dropped into Cheticamp Island to check out the beach,which was busy.As we were driving down a dirt road to turn,what do,you supposed we saw but this fella,splish splashing in his pool.Guess you make do with what ever you can find on a scorching hot summer day.

Submitted By Ruth Boudreau

Tranquility of the Bay of Fundy

On the Bay of Fundy, between Grand Manan and Blacks Harbour, NB

Our staycation this summer was setting sail and discovering the remote island of Grand Manan in the Bay of Fundy. We took one of two ferries from Blacks Harbour on the New Brunswick mainland to North Head on Grand Manan Island. The island offered us a break from the bustle of the mainland as we enjoyed old world charm. We returned to the Blacks Harbour in the evening and met the opposing ferry heading the Grand Manan.

Submitted By Joy Doucette

Kayak Silhouette

Chignecto Park, NS

"I always wanted to do that!" ...and finally, I did! Sea Kayaking is offered only 45 minutes from my house, but I simply never made the time. Then one Friday night I said 'that's it; I'm going!', and lo, Nova Shores Adventures of Advocate Harbour was able to accommodate me the very next day! It was exciting, relaxing, fun, thrilling, and stunningly beautiful. I'm not an ideal specimen of physical fitness - it didn't matter. It was a blast! The other participants were equally thrilled, the guide was delightful, and the beach picnic next to the Bay of Fundy was perfect. This photo is of one of the couples, and Terry, our guide, instructing them, as they're about to set off from the beach to head back (sniff!). Couldn't have asked for better. So happy so have had such a thrilling day, and right in our own backyard! Now that's a 'staycation' for the books!

Submitted By Bridget Anne Michels

Stay a Spell with my Shell

Big Island, NS

It's amazing what you can find as treasures on a beach. We spent most of our Covid bubble summer camping on a private property near Big Island, NS. I have walked the beaches in Big Island many times this summer and found many interesting shells & stones but this shell is definitely my fav - completely intact & so beautifully coloured!

Submitted By Nelly Smees

North Shore Beauty

MacDonalds Beach, NS

The old axiom states the best things in life are free. Well, here in Nova Scotia we are blessed with a multitude of 'best things'. My vacation was spent with family and friends exploring the North Shore of Nova Scotia, specifically the area in and around River John. On one hot and beautiful summer morning while taking a 'let's see what's down this road' excursion, I with two friends in tow, came upon rolling fields of green interspersed with a variety of homesteads, some well tended near small streams, some less cared for and one on the gravel section that had a small hand written sign outside indicating there were 'Fresh Brown eggs for sale'. The first to greet us, at the modest homestead, was a pretty black and white spaniel. It's owner appeared next and seemed surprised to have visitors on a weekday morning despite the sign. We explained our mission and were invited in. We left and continued along the gravel road, eventually finding ourselves in Toney River. There is a pretty little harbour there. We decided to walk out along the wharf and beside the breakwater. Being curious, we peeked over to the other side to find a lovely sandy beach tucked in beside it. Well, what could we do but wade'er, run headlong into the water for a dip. We enjoyed the many beaches in the area' Rushton's, Waterside and MacDonald's. We made sure we visited Lismore Farm and their longhorn cattle, the Lavender Farm in Seafoam, and a drive by at Mabel Murple's Dreamery and Book Shoppe (not open this year). The North Shore is a hidden gem' every side road seems to lead to a beautiful beach and this year, perhaps due to COVID, none were crowded.

Submitted By Paige Giles

Magical adventures at Chance Harbour beach

Chance Harbour, NS

Take a leisurely 10 minute drive away from the town of New Glasgow NS along the Little Harbour Road and you come upon a tranquil beach area fronting the Northumberland Strait. Hidden from the road and nestled among a myriad of salt water playgrounds you will find Chance Harbour beach. The sandy beach is a perpetual marvel. In the off-season the mighty Atlantic pounds the shore with it's powerful waves, but each summer Mother Nature restores the golden sand to it's normal, fine-grained grandeur, beckoning beachgoers to enjoy another season of relaxation and recreation. Swimming is a given with summertime water temperatures consistently percolating around 20 degrees. Boating, sailing, waterskiing, all await you. Also, the therapeutic roar of the surf and rolling of the waves can often lull sun bathers into almost catatonic states. This is ideal for even tanning. Another activity that is only whispered about lest the secret falls into the wrong hands is beach glass collecting. Tidal conditions produced only in this fortunate area somehow imbue the sands with an over-abundance of these prized treasures from the sea. A rejuvenating stroll along the water's edge coupled with a keen eye for quality can often lead a 'comber' to the find of a lifetime. Grown men have been known to swoon upon such discoveries. This genteel sport is becoming so popular and profitable that special 'glass-hunting' licenses may soon be mandated to control the demand. But perhaps the most edifying attraction of this area is it's world-class sunrise and sunsets. For some reason, whether it's the curvature of the land or atmospheric conditions, these gifts from heaven dazzle the eye and calm the spirit. Suffice to say, Chance Harbour beach is a diamond in the rough and deserves a spectacular setting at dawn and dusk.

Submitted By Heather Alexa Ross and Grandfather Ross

A Storm is a Coming

Dennis Beach, NB

Dennis Beach, New Brunswick is part of the Bay of Fundy. It is nestled between Hopewell Rocks and Fundy National Park. This sandy beach is where you will find a lot of the local walking their dogs, building sandcastles with their children while keeping a close eye on the tide. Dennis Beach is part of the Bay of Fundy and sees the highest tides in the world. When storms are brewing and the tide is coming up, it makes for beautiful cloudscapes. During one of my many trips to the beach this summer, I manage to arrive there just as the clouds were starting to form and captured this photo.

Submitted By Stella dEntremont

Rush Hour in Lockeport

Lockeport, NS

Staycations help one maintain a sense of wellbeing. This one, in Lockeport, N.S. was no exception. My hobby is photography and the Lockeport area certainly did not disappoint. It has so many beaches, inlets, bays, and islands to explore and is perfect for a getaway of 2-3 days or a stay in one of its beautiful cottage accommodations for a week or month, or whatever matches your fantasy. Lockport's famous Crescent Beach was featured on the .00 Canadian currency at one time. My photo was taken on a beach right next to the main fishing wharf in town. The photograph, 'Rush Hour in Lockeport', was pure coincidence in that I was just leaving the area when the people arrived with their wonderful dog and beach chairs. The Canadian flag was certainly a bonus as the date was 3 days before Canada day. Carter's Lighthouse on Carter's Island was a nice finishing touch to this story where this couple, the only people on this beach at that time, found such peace and solace, and all of this at a pandemic time in our lives. Yes, the Maritime Provinces is truly a place of solitude at all times.

Submitted By Ward Isnor

Endless Summer

Burnt Coat Head Park, Noel, NS

On a Sunday in September we set out from Antigonish and Halifax for Burnt Coat Head Park to bring two wee cousins together on the floor of the Bay of Fundy. The routes through Beaver Bank and Maitland to Noel were idyllic, on secondary roads lined with fall foliage and a canopy of green through which the sun sparkled. The cars arrived a few minutes apart and we witnessed the reunion of these girls, age 7 and 8, who have not seen enough of each other during the pandemic. The weather was as fine as any summer day and we arrived as the tide was receding to its lowest. One of the two young ladies had arrived in full formal wear, but we managed to talk her out of high heels as we arrived on the mud flats. Her afternoon would involve three full costume changes as befitted the programme. The other child brought energy, exuberance, and enthusiasm to the adventure, but only one outfit. It was a meeting of minds and hearts in a beautiful place on a wonderful day. We slipped and slid through the mud to the sand, rocks, and tidal pools to the right of the island. An hour-long picnic ensued, then a bucketful of sea creatures was borrowed and returned to their rightful homes. The girls claimed a high perch and declared it the 'Kid Zone' to which mothers and Nana were not invited. I took the opportunity to walk to the outermost spit of sand and watch the tide begin to turn. Nobody wanted to leave. But leave we did as the sun started to sink in the sky. We watched as our sweet girls stretched out their time together in the old apple tree at the park entrance. How lucky we are.

Submitted By Elizabeth MacDonald

Heron in the Middle

Seal Cove Brier Island, NS

While waiting for our whale watch cruise we had some time to explore Brier island. We drove from one end to the other and got out along the way to hike some of the trails. One of these walks took us to Seal Cove. Aptly named for the many seals we could see from the shore. Just as I was about to turn to leave I could see a Great Blue heron flying over the water toward the shore and could see the seals with heads poking out of the water watching it go by.

Submitted By Susan Topping

Until Next Year

Malignant Cove, NS

As I made my way down the dirt road that led to the stairs and the sand, I couldn't stop my mind from travelling back to early spring. Spring 2020 brought with it many unknowns. March slowly crawled into April, then May, and finally, June revealed some hope. Loosened restrictions and the announcement of the 'Atlantic Bubble' meant that I could see my family once again and visit the family cottage. Our family cottage resides in Malignant Cove, a rustic and rocky inlet that rests along the scenic coastline of the Northumberland Strait. It is my family's forever staycation. The 'Cove' has been a welcome home to friends and all of those close to our heart. Just up the road is Arisaig Provincial Park, and the world-famous Steinhart Distillery. While at the Cove, if we aren't at the beach, we can often be found hiking the nearby park's beautiful trails or drinking a refreshing, locally crafted cocktail. I feel so fortunate and continue to be rendered speechless by the magical scenery of the Cove. From sunrises to sunsets, the memories always carry me through the fall and winter months. I took this photograph on a crisp September morning. I'd driven down from Halifax to help my father close up the cottage for the season. Before heading back, I made my way down the dirt road that leads to the stairs and the sand. It was quiet and still, except for the familiar sound of the breaking waves. As the cool weather drifts in, so does a wave of new unknowns. Although I'm unsure of what the coming months will bring, I do know with certainty that I'll be back again to the cottage, and out to explore all the hidden gems that Atlantic Canada has to offer.

Submitted By Erin Gillis

Which Way Do We Go

Cape Forchu, NS

We stayed in Yarmouth over the September long weekend. While there we explored Cape Forchu, Cape St Mary, Malivette Beach, and spent an amazing evening at the Dark Sky Eye Observatory near Tusket.

Submitted By Roswita Hildebrandt

Heart of Nova Scotia

Lawrencetown Beach, NS

I was on a vacation day and was waiting for Teddy to show up so I decided to grab my water camera and head for Lawrencetown beach to snap some water shots while the water is still warm and the waves are still fun to play in, this is my playground and I love to show off the angle that most people would never have the chance to experience so I wanted to take the opportunity to give that individual a view my side.

Submitted By Johnny Butler


Oceanstone Resort, NS

Getting out of the comfort of our house for the first time during the middle of the Covid crisis was pretty scary. It was June 22nd and our anniversary and we decided to go to Oceanstone Resort for a couple of days. They made us feel relaxed and safe, seeing all the precautions they were enacting and we were able to enjoy the ocean! Thank you Oceanstone!

Submitted By Darlene Delisi Karamanos

Posts of Past

Deep Cove Tusket Island, NS

Posts of past stand guard of future catches amidst the ebb and flow of Deep Coves seashore amongst the Tusket Islands, Nova Scotia.

Submitted By Carol OConnell

Sunsets and Treasures

Little Judique Ponds, NS

This was a summer like no other. We recently moved back to the Maritimes and were looking forward to trips from our home in New Brunswick to visit with family and friends in Cape Breton. Much to our relief, the Atlantic bubble was formed in early July and Cape Breton was our first destination. We were blessed with great weather during this trip which allowed us to ramble along the beach everyday. Pictured is my niece at Little Judique Ponds beach on one of our daily walks to search for treasures and view the sunset.

Submitted By Jennifer MacInnis

Red Sky at Night Photographers Delight

Black Point Beach, Pictou County, NS

Along a shore road off of highway 348 in beautiful Pictou County, Nova Scotia, there's a hidden gem of a beach which happens to be my favourite place in the World! This gorgeous piece of heaven is called 'the Chance'. It is located on beautiful Black Point beach, along the Northumberland Strait. Over the past hundred plus years, our family have been very fortunate to have a cottage here dating back since 1917. After an amazing day on the beach with my husband and children, my daughter and I headed up the beach, to the Chance to catch the sunset. As we got closer to the water's edge, We were mesmerized by the red sky. I was thrilled to be able to capture the moment that my daughter was taking a photo of a majestic great blue heron, fishing at sundown. The sky was a brilliant shade of red as the sun set beneath the skyline. It was truly a magical moment shared with my daughter and the great blue heron at beautiful Black Point beach.

Submitted By Cathie Ross


Ponds Beach, NS

The builders of the tiki hut are warning the beach walkers not to take photos of them in the structure. They wanted to adhere to the distancing rules and even created an auxiliary space for other neighbours on the beach. The tiki hut is all ready a well loved gathering place for the seaside community and creates a smile for those strolling by. Alas, we got captured!

Submitted By Isabel Mac Donald

Fishing Weir

Herring Cove Beach, Campobello Island, NB

We visited the Campobello Sea Glass Festival in early September. We combed the island beaches during the day then went for a nice supper at the golf course where the meal and service was great. One of the highlights was watching a humpback whale from out cottage while enjoying our morning coffee.

Submitted By Kathy Clark


Terence Bay, NS

After a long week at work, I took to the water for a sunset paddle. There’s no better way to leave your troubles behind. The ocean, a sunset and a kayak. Only gratitude remains.

Submitted By Allison Maher

Eric of Green Gables

Brackley Beach, PEI

He's only seven years old, and in his young life, he is experiencing one of the world's biggest events - COVID 19. Most summers on Prince Edward Island would be filled with adventures and trips with family and friends but not this year. Who would have thought that something so big would shut the world down, send us all home from school and work and force us to adjust to such a new way of life. But we have an advantage, we live on Prince Edward Island and someone with great power has given us an extended summer into October. So last night, we headed for Brackley Beach to blow off some steam. Look at this picture, and see that although he is well aware of the changes and new rules as a result of COVID 19, right at this very moment he is carefree and living his best life. We are so thankful.

Submitted By Diane Smith

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