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Contest Rules

Subaru and Saltscapes Staycation 2021 Contest Categories and Rules

Subaru & Saltscapes Staycation 2021 Contest Categories and Rules


  1. To enter, complete the entry form online. There is no entry fee.
  2. Entries must be received by October 31, 2021. Saltscapes takes no responsibility for lost entries. 
  1. To be eligible to win in any/all categories, a photograph must have been taken on Canada’s East Coast, in one of the four Atlantic Provinces and be accompanied by a maximum 300-word description. 
  1. Each staycation story and photo can be entered in one category only. Each photograph and story must be accompanied by a separate entry form. Entries are limited to a total of three entries per person. The categories are: 
    It is the fuel that drives family get-togethers and the foundation of a successful summer party...We love to cook and eat BBQ, but more importantly, we love the time we spend and the memories we create with our families and friends enjoying great food hot off the grill!  What will your first staycation road trip look like when you are finally able to gather small groups of loved ones together?  We want you to share your 2021 story along with a photo of your favourite all local BBQ recipe and craft beverage selections, that are the essentials of these precious occasions at the cottage, campground or your sister's backyard!
    Imagine a life less complicated. A time when things moved at a slower pace. Make it happen now! Slow down, take some deep breaths and live in the moment while visiting our picturesque fishing villages.  You’ll find fishermen, going about their daily chores, who are only too happy to stop, chat about their catch and explain the ins and out of the fishery. Visit a lobster pound, learn how to dry fish, or meet the crab boats as they come in. Beachcombing, looking for agate, fossils, beach glass or collecting sand dollars is always a possibility. If you’re a camera buff, there’s a picture postcard moment around every bend. Lighthouses often fall into the picture and have stories of their own.
    What do salt beef (Jiggs dinner), oatcakes, luskinikn, râpure, shawarmas, fried fish cakes, pho, donairs, empanadas, dulse, chow chow, jerk chicken, creamed lobster, sauerkraut, and flipper pie have in common? They are all traditional foods - food that is simple, unpretentious and delicious. Available in delightful eateries and shops across Atlantic Canada, from rural hamlets, beachside canteens to fine dining city restaurants, each area has their own specialties including old and new culinary quirks. 
    Atlantic Canada has literally hundreds of parks with fresh and saltwater waterfronts, so finding a place to go for a seaside stroll and dip is as easy as eating ice cream. Many of the beaches are supervised; some are long expanses of beach that stretch into the horizon; others are more intimate and secluded.  Add to this, hundred more lakes and beaches and the spots that only the locals know about (but love to tell you about) well, you get the picture. Choice abounds; big or small, busy or quiet, they each have their own magic and charm. 
    Yippee! It’s time to hike, fish, play, golf, explore and celebrate our abundance of natural beauty! In each Atlantic Province, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to nature trails, scenic golf courses, waterfalls, rivers for fishing /canoeing and stunning parks. Many provincial parks and most Parks Canada sites offer campgrounds for unforgettable nights spent under the stars. 
    Atlantic Canada’s climate is nearly perfect for growing grapes, hops, grains, potatoes, apples, blueberries and making great libations. With rich intensive flavours, pronounced acidity and prominent character, our libations pair brilliantly with fresh caught seafood and farm fresh products and have won impressive awards. The selection is as dazzling as the amazing stories you’ll discover when you visit. Bonus: each libation maker’s location has special events, programs and tastings. Some can be grouped within a 30-minute drive or walk of each other.

Please note: If you have enjoyed a particularly memorable experience, in any of the categories described above, we are offering you an opportunity to generously share that experience with others who might benefit from your advice and have an equally outstanding time…While at the same time encouraging other Atlantic Canadians to visit and explore their own fabulous backyard and support our local travel industry during these unprecedented times. 

  1. Entries may be colour or black-and-white digital photographs. Moderate digital adjustment (colour correction, cropping, sharpening, etc) is acceptable, but any image with a watermark or signature will be automatically disqualified. Winners will be required to submit original material (high resolution files) for reproduction purposes, so winning pictures can be published. Digital entries can be uploaded electronically as jpg files at  Digital files must be at least 3MB in size. Maximum file size is 6MB. 
  1. By submitting the online form, the contest entrant grants to Saltscapes and its Staycation Contest Sponsors the right to publish the photographer's entry along with the photographer's name for marketing and promotional purposes. The contest entrant will not receive further compensation for such publication. All entrants also agree that without further payment, their photograph/ story entry may be used in print or electronic form to promote future contests by Saltscapes magazine and/or its Sponsors. It is the responsibility of the contestant to ensure that publication of the photographs by Saltscapes magazine raises no legal claims. The contest entrant must own all rights to any photographs entered in this contest. 
  1. No winners (weekly/finalists) from previous years are eligible to win the same in the current year. 
  1. No person may win more than one prize in the current year. 
  1. Photographs previously published in any print publication, in full or in part, will be disqualified. 
  1. Professional and semi-professional photographers (any photographers who earn more than $5,000 a year selling their photographs) are not eligible to enter. 
  1. The names of the winners, and as many of their photographs as space permits, are scheduled to be published in the annual 2022 Saltscapes Food & Travel Guide. Before being awarded a prize, each winning photographer will be required to sign an agreement declaring that: (a) he or she doesn't work as a professional; (b) the photograph submitted is his or her original work; (c) the photograph was taken at the location specified on the entry form. 
  1. Prizes must be accepted as awarded and are not redeemable for cash. If prizes cannot be mailed, winners are responsible for picking up their prizes at the Saltscapes office in Halifax, NS. 
  1. ELIGIBILITY: The 2021 Subaru & Saltscapes Staycation Contest is open to anyone who spends time on Canada’s East Coast, except employees of Saltscapes or any company within the Advocate family and prize-sponsoring companies, judges and their immediate families.  
  1. JUDGING: Entries will be judged by a panel of Saltscapes staff and sponsors. The decisions of the judges are final. Winners will be notified by telephone or email. 
  1. By submitting the online entry form, the contest participant consents to the entry of his or her submission and agrees to abide by the contest rules.

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