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Subaru and Saltscapes Staycation Contest Winning Photos and Stories



Photo Submitted By: Fiona Morris, River Philip, NS

Photo Title: Railway to the Milky Way

Photo Story: I'm 16 years old, live in NS, and have a fierce love for the stars. A few years back I got into photography. I work a full-time job with back shifts over the summer to support my needs for photography equipment. I put my two favourite hobbies together into one and I dedicate a lot of time and money into it. Astrophotography is my passion. On the night of July 21st, 2020, my Mom and I drove 5 minutes from my backdoor into a field to photography comet NEOWISE. After I photographed the comet, we drove over some train tracks and I had an image in mind. We spent a few minutes at the tracks and made my idea come to life. In my mind it is my best image yet. You can see more of my photography on my Instagram @fionamorris_photography

Where Was the Photo Taken: River Philip, NS


Bay Ferries Prize Winner
Round Trip for 2 Adults & Standard Passenger Vehicle on the MV Fundy Rose between Digby NS & Saint John, NB


Photo Submitted By: Pauline Rooney, Fall River, NS

Photo Title: Dining Out

Photo Story: A number of warm days this summer we packed our picnic basket and hopped in our Mazda Miata and took to one of the many rural roads to enjoy the sun and the scenery. On this day, the road led to the picnic park in Second Peninsula where we enjoyed our delicious plank salmon and fresh garden salad by the water’s edge.

Where Was the Photo Taken: Second Peninsula Provincial Park, NS


Taste of Nova Scotia Gift Basket Prize Winner


Photo Submitted By: John Murray, Valley, NS

Photo Title: Delicious Meal at Wild Caraway

Photo Story: We made a great trip to Joggins and Advocate Harbour, enjoying the scenery along the way. At Joggins we enjoyed a guided hike down to the beach searching for fossils. But the highlight was in Advocate Harbour where we had a delicious meal at Wild Caraway. They use all local ingredients varying their menu based on what is available. Our main course consisted of local scallops, march greens, and local veggies. The appetizer was local caught calamari, smoked dulse. An amazing meal at a NS restaurant with all local ingredients.

Where Was the Photo Taken: Wild Caraway Restaurant, Advocate Harbour, NS


Tourism Prince Edward Island Prize Winner
Two Night Accommodation Package


Photo Submitted By: Dorothy Smith, Truemanville, NS

Photo Title: Love Laughter and Seafood Chowder

Photo Story: You know the answer must be "delicious" when some people easily smile when you ask them "How is it? Taste O.K.?" That was the case after my hubby got his first taste of his seafood chowder served to him at "The Dunes Studio Gallery & Cafe" located at Brackley Beach, PEI. We had a wonderful "tip to tip tour" on PEI, and yes - "Laughter is brightest where food is best." ~ Irish Proverb

Where Was the Photo Taken: The Dunes Studio Gallery and Café, Brackley, PE


Tourism Nova Scotia Prize Winner
Getaway Package


Photo Submitted By: Alison Grant, Brookfield, NS

Photo Title: Rissers Beach Boardwalk

Photo Story: Spending the summer within NS is an easy task! This summer our family decided to load up our tent trailer and head to Rissers Beach Provincial Park and Campground. We spent one day exploring the local area making special trips across the LaHave Ferry and to famous LaHave Bakery and Crafters Co-op, and also to the Petite Riviere Vineyards and Petite Riviere General Store. We spent two days exploring the local beaches, Crescent Beach and, of course, Rissers Beach! Both are great beaches for families with young children. Crescent Beach offers the unique experience and convenience of being able to drive along the beach to find the perfect spot! No hauling heavy loads! Rissers Beach offers great parking, washrooms, a canteen and picnic area. The waters were surprisingly warm (as warm as waters on the Atlantic Coast can get!). The sand at both were perfect for sandcastles and burying toes. We capped off our trip with an evening stroll down the Rissers Beach boardwalk (pictured here). We captured this moment just as the sun was setting to remind us of our perfect South Shore, NSn Staycation!

Where Was the Photo Taken: Rissers Beach Provincial Park, NS


Bay Ferries Prize Winner
Ferry Pass for Two Adults & Standard Passenger Vehicle on Northumberland Ferries between Wood Islands, PE & Caribou, NS


Photo Submitted By: Amy Watson, Petitcodiac, NB

Photo Title: Breaking Clouds after the Storm

Photo Story: I was afraid I would not get much of a summer after being diagnosed with cancer. However, my family took me on a quick vacation to my favourite place, Lakeside PEI, before I had to start my treatments. We had a fabulous time on the beaches and visiting picturesque lighthouses. I felt rejuvenated before having to spend time in the sterile hospital. I can't wait to go back next year.

Where Was the Photo Taken: Morrell, PE


Destination Cape Breton Association Prize Winner
Two Night Glamping & River Tubing at Live Life in Tents & Dinner for Two at Woodroad Restaurant


Photo Submitted By: Marisa Eisner, Bridgewater, NS

Photo Title: Riding the Fundy Tidal Bore

Photo Story: Splish Splash is the perfect title for our adventure. My daughter and I were joined by my sister and her family and our mom from PEI. We stayed at The Tidal Bore Resort in Shubenacadie for the weekend. This was the first time we had seen each other in many months due to the COVID restrictions. To say we had a blast is an understatement. Pictured here are my daughter Noelle and her cousin Alex on the tidal bore. It was so much fun and such a unique experience right in our own back yard. I am not sure what was better, riding the Fundy Tidal Bore or mud sliding down the banks of the river. We also took in the beautiful Victoria Park in Truro and Visited Burnt Coat Head. Amazing what we have in our own back yard when we stop to look. We will be doing other events like this again.

Where Was the Photo Taken: Shubenacadie River, NS - Tidal Bore Rafting Urbania


Fredericton Tourism Prize Winner
Two Night Accommodation at Delta Fredericton Kings Landing Family Pass & $100 Downtown Dollars


Photo Submitted By: Stella d’Entremont, Moncton, NB

Photo Title: Taking His Last Bow

Photo Story: The Atlantic Puffins are located on Machias Island in the lower Bay of Fundy off of Grand Manan. On this island there are about 5000 pairs of puffins that continuously fly around during the nesting season in July. Access to the island is very limited; they only allow 15 people a day six days a week for the month of July. To an avid bird watcher this tiny island would be considered a little piece of heaven. This particular puffin was giving me the final bow when it was time for us to leave.

Where Was the Photo Taken: Machias Island, Grand Manan, NB