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Home & Cottage

I’m standing in a field of raised garden beds that are planted with what French physician and writer Henri LeClerc referred to as “the stinking rose.”...

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Splendour in the grass(es)

Dramatically decorative plants provide three seasons of garden magic
Kim (right) and her Mom, Mary Dee.

Labour of love

There is a strong history of storytelling in Atlantic Canada and this cottage has a story. Stories have always connected people and built communities, and...

The plan, the process, the pandemic

A renovation outside of St. John’s, NL inspired by the times

The great vintage outdoors

What goes around, comes around

Waste Happens

OKEVIN PRITCHETT often sees contractors’ trucks pass his Gambo, NL, building supply store loaded with heavy machinery for digging septic beds. “I shouldn’t...

Summertime, and the Gardenin’ is Easy

WHILE SOME of us live for gardening and can’t think of anything we would rather do, there are always those moments when we do want to kick back and relax...

The great charcoal renaissance

The last time I barbecued, I didn’t barbecue at all. I smoked instead. The entire process from start to finish was a long, slow cook in a smoker using natural...

The great backyard escape

To the inevitable surety of death and taxes we could add, a prolonged and wet spring season on the east coast that makes the summer season that much sweeter.

It’s All in the Eye

The collie moves low and slow across the rough field grass, eyes rivetted on the small flock. Closer and closer she slinks. The sheep skitter nervously back...

A peck of peppers

Whether you prefer them sweet, hot, pickled or fresh, peppers are a rewarding star of the vegetable garden