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Home & Cottage

One chilly winter morning I finished my outside chores and decided to reward myself with a cup of orange pekoe tea. As I filled the kettle I looked out at the...

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Today’s fireplace inserts, such as the Legend G35 Insert pictured above, offer high efficiency and low emissions.

Up in smoke

Many of us have an abiding fondness for the large cars we remember from our childhood. Built like a tank, with space for four bottoms across each bench seat,...
Rosmarie Lohnes gives instructions to some of her staff on the de Vries project.

Grass Roots

Last issue, I wrote about gardening as a form of healing…this issue, we’re looking at how we humans can help nature heal with our gardening skills.

The great charcoal renaissance

The last time I barbecued, I didn’t barbecue at all. I smoked instead. The entire process from start to finish was a long, slow cook in a smoker using natural...

Locally grown, not flown

Erin and Scott Veitch grow flowers from asters to zinnias

Taking the Inside Outside

Wouldn’t it be great to be friendlier with your neighbours? I don’t just mean the people on either side of your home. Community spirit is important. It is...
Open the door of the woodstove and take a look at the gaskets that seal the door to check for fraying. Also check the glass window for cracking.

Sleep Soundly This Winter

“OLD WOOD best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” ~ Francis Bacon It’s hard to argue with someone as sage as Francis...
Regular cleaning and maintenance of a gas fireplace is recommended to keep the unit running safely and efficiently; the glass door, in particular, can require expert attention.

What’s The Price of Safety?

The winter checklist kicks in when temperatures drop in the fall. Service the snow blower. Switch to snow tires. Search sheds and garages for shovels and ice...

Décor—the new function of fireplaces

Zero clearance means they can go almost anywhere

For the Birds

It's a bright, sunny morning. You're enjoying a leisurely weekend breakfast, watching a lively, feathered crowd at the feeder outside your window, when a dark...

Cottage Revival

WE HAVE this little cottage in our family on the south shore of Nova Scotia. My grandfather built it with the help of some of my uncles in the 1960s. It’s a...