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Home & Cottage

Get to know some fantastic and under-utilized plants for your garden

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Coping Season

Pity the poor Atlantic Canadian gardener. We go through the winter and well into spring before we can really get out and garden; cleaning up the beds, adding...

No More "Fresh Paint Smell"

Recent developments mean safer products for indoor use

Getting the All-Clear

Sometimes Fall in Atlantic Canada is so beautiful—glowing radiant and golden for weeks on end—it has the effect of putting us in a trance, where we remain in...

The Gardeners Bookshelf

The last bulb has been planted, the last tool put away. Time to catch up on our reading with some great gardening books

Gardening in glass

Terrariums are back in vogue

Beyond the garden, into the woods

The wild flowers and other plants that live around us aren’t pests—they have their important niches in nature, and many work in our gardens, too

A Trend for All Season

There’s always something to please everyone when it comes to décor

The rural retreat

Pamper yourself at your cottage

The essence of any kitchen

New materials and improved classics for countertops

Nobody said it was gonna be easy

The only sure thing about dairy farming is hard work