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Home & Cottage

Cherry blooms lend themselves to flower arranging.

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Cheeky tiki

A family tiki bar makes a big splash on the North Shore

The Look of the Irish

When it comes to St. Paddy's Day, many people imagine they have an Irish grandmother… and perhaps in part they do.

Here be dragons

Visit Cosby’s Garden Centre and stroll Ivan Higgins’s concrete sculpture garden. You’ll meet minstrels, gymnasts, and a dragon or two

Privacy Please

In decades past, bathrooms in middle-class homes rarely served more than a pragmatic function. But for most homeowners today, the room has become a haven from...

Dazzling Dahlias

These stars of high summer take a little care, but plant them soon and you’ll be so glad you did

The Beleaguered Gardener

Nature, it seems at times, likes nothing better than to knock us humans down a notch or two, particularly when we purport to "improve" her handiwork by...

When something is right

DIY'er Krista Wells takes her sense of style to her summer home

A house on the hill

Brigus home offers hints of nostalgia and a nautical theme

Living the Dream

Many people dream about buying a boat when the kids leave home or when they retire. Here's what you need to know to get started.

Greenhouse Effect - Lengthening Your Gardening Season

A decade ago, in early February, my long-suffering spouse and I were considering buying a house in Scotts Bay. There was a south-facing greenhouse built onto...