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Kitchen Party

Canadians are becoming more and more interested in buying local. The growth in popularity is driven by a multitude of factors—food quality, health and...

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Just Add Mussels

My son, Iain, was about six years old the first time he ate steamed mussels at a restaurant. His dad and I hesitated when he said what he wanted to order,...

Classic Old-fashioned Grilled Lobster roll

serve and enjoy!

Go Greek

Canadians may not have the luxury of living among the beauty and warmth of the Mediterranean but we can gain many health benefits by adapting the...

Viva Salsa!

However you slice and dice it, salsa is a wonderful condiment

An East Coast favourite

Those who love lobster love it a lot

On the Lamb

One of the most overlooked meats has to be lamb. With its gamey flavour and reputation for being tough, people tend to avoid taking the lamb challenge...