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Kitchen Party

Adding foods for heart health  

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Feasting on Local Foods

Chef Michael Smith does nothing in half measures. To wit: when The Inn at Bay Fortune reached its “best before date” three years ago, he and his wife,...

Searching for Healthy Convenient Foods

Most know that cooking meals from scratch is healthier than a diet high in processed foods. Times are changing and we’re spending less and less time in the...

Great on the Grill

AS A KID, I thought there were two categories of vegetables: carrots and peas. Partly that could be attributed to my family’s food preferences but also, what...
White Fish Ceviche

Wild Feast

This is what’s in our freezers,” says Ian Stone of Tour Gros Morne. “A bunch of cod, a halibut, some moose.” Rebecca Stone, Ian’s wife and business...

High-rise agriculture

A unique farming business takes root in Moncton  

On the Lamb

One of the most overlooked meats has to be lamb. With its gamey flavour and reputation for being tough, people tend to avoid taking the lamb challenge...