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Caramelized Onions, Bacon & Cheddar by Theresa Devoe (Alder Point, NS)

AS A LITTLE girl Theresa loved to watch her mother cook and enjoyed eating her homemade goodies. “She was courageous in the kitchen and would try anything from an old Brit favourite of blood sausage to French terrines of all sorts,” says Theresa. “She baked everything from scratch and placed a home cooked meal on the table every evening. My mother believed that the flavour which onions imparted when cooked enhanced her sauces, gravies, dressings, soups, loaves, roasts, stews and the like.”

Theresa follows in her mother’s footsteps and uses onions in all her savoury dishes. When her friend sent her the link to the Saltscapes recipe contest, Theresa was inspired to develop a new recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich, using the humble onion as one of her main ingredients. Theresa has great memories of eating bacon and cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches.

She and her husband Roger were out kayaking one morning and when they returned home, Theresa tried the new recipe out on him for lunch. It was an instant hit.

The judges felt the combination of caramelized onions and goat cheese was an absolute winner!


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