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Story by Alain Bossé  photography courtesy of Get Stuffed




Whether you’re looking for a new brunch spot or enjoying a night out with friends exploring the vibrant and colourful city of St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, you’ve really got to try Get Stuffed on Duckworth Street. The restaurant is quaint and cozy and the food regularly receives top reviews on travel blogs. Walls in the restaurant showcase the works of local artists, and there is a nice view of the harbour as well.

Get Stuffed has the longevity to prove that they know exactly what the public wants and they’ve been providing that service since late in 2006. This is a family-run and operated business, which tends to be a very positive thing—you do not operate this type of business for that length of time unless you have a passion and dedication that can only benefit your clientele. Get Stuffed has earned the right to be called a Newfoundland institution.

The food offered by chef/owner Rob Sommers at Get Stuffed is meant to provide comfort and of course great flavours, and this is done with flair and rapt attention to detail, with items such as Pastry Rolls Stuffed with Rib Meat, Risotto Balls and Lamb Burgers. If you’re feeling adventurous they offer a dish that you will likely only ever find in NL; a juicy hamburger garnished with a hearty slice of Spam. The Guinness Pot Pie has the lightest, flakiest crust that I’ve seen; this is a dish that can leave you feeling overly-stuffed, but in this case, it’s absolutely perfect.

The service at Get Stuffed is also extremely professional without losing that great sense of fun that is as much a part of St. John’s (and NL communities as a whole) as is the fog.

If you’re feeling especially hungry and truly do wish to “get stuffed” a double portion of any menu item is available. All desserts are made on the premises and there is a delightful selection of unique cocktails available as well. A fabulous selection of wines by the glass will round out any meal.

While there are many options to have a great meal in downtown St. John’s, Get Stuffed is one that truly shouldn’t be missed.

190 Duckworth St, St. John’s NL. Phone 709-757-2480.

Serving lunch and dinner; closed in between. 



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