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Shediac, NB

by Alain Bossé


Whether it was fate or chance that brought master chocolatier and pastry chef Frédéric Desclos and singer/songwriter Ginette Ahier together in business, the result is a sweet harmony.

Ahair didn’t aspire to a life in the culinary world; she had been classically trained on the piano, eventually became a lyricist, and at one point even sought out the romantic life of a goat farmer. When she signed a music contract and began travelling through Europe as a result, she fell in love with the quality chocolates found in Belgium and France.

Meanwhile chef Frédéric was hard at work on the culinary scene. He is proudly trained in the French tradition and over his 25-year career has worked with many top chefs in the industry. He is a born craftsman, which is very evident in his beautiful creations.

When Ahair and her husband moved to Shediac, New Brunswick, she began experimenting with making chocolates in her home kitchen. After the birth of her second child, she found that she needed more hours in the day, so she offered to help her friend Frédéric Desclos in his truffle-making business. From there, a sweet business partnership was formed.

Adorable Chocolat is the result of that union. The pair admits that there are some challenges to running that type of specialty food business in a small community where chocolate can be seen as a luxury, and treating oneself to a higher-end brand on a regular basis can seem frivolous. In recent years there has been a change in attitude towards chocolate, and Ahair feels that people are starting to realize that fine chocolate, like fine wine, can and should be savoured and enjoyed—in moderation—on a regular basis.

The shop sells a variety of delightful treats including many varieties of chocolates, truffles, and my absolute favourite treat; macarons, a delightful airy, yet slightly chewy cookie filled with flavoured cream. Their chocolate creations are both delicious and whimsical with amazing flavour combinations; the Lime Wavey is absolutely wonderful and those treats, along with others, are packaged in a way that is, well, simply adorable. I love the fact that their products don’t contain any additives or preservatives; they are producing real food with real ingredients.

If you’re in the Shediac area, you can find Adorable Chocolat on Main Street; if not, don’t fret. They sell at various retailers that are listed on their web site,, where they also have an online shop.

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