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There’s nothing that I enjoy more than sharing my love and passion for cooking, and one of the ways that I like to do this is by gifting incredible cookbooks.

This holiday season, many people on my list will be receiving a copy of Canada’s Food Island. This is by far one of the most stunning cookbooks to ever be released. There are books that you cook from and then there are books that you pore over, devouring every aspect—this is one of those books. Chef Michael Smith said it best in his comments, “Prince Edward Island is a giant green farm floating in a deep blue sea, fringed by white sandy beaches and stuff tip to tip with authentic food stories.”

This gorgeous book brings these recipes and stories into your kitchen. Attributed as a cookbook by farmers and fishers of Prince Edward Island, and published by Figure 1 Publishing, the book contains nearly 100 seasonal recipes, accompanied by stunning photography and beautifully-written stories, all meant to capture PEI’s unique food culture.

The recipes cover all that the island has to offer, from seafood, to Island raised beef, and fresh produce. Recipes for a traditional seafood boil live alongside more exotic-sounding recipes, such as one for oyster chorizo queso fundido. Grilled corn on the cob with basil butter would marry perfectly with potato pizza.

Canada's Food Island, Thai Coconut Lobster Tails Recipe 

One of my favourite aspects of the book is that it’s divided into seasons. There’s also a bevy of fabulous tips and tricks such as how to cook a live lobster, how to build a charcuterie board and how to prepare beef. From the beginner cook to the novice; this is definitely a book that offers something for everyone.

This remarkable book is produced by Canada’s Food Island, an organization that aims to show people where their food comes from and to connect them with the people who grow and harvest it.

The new book of the same name is the perfect companion to the organization’s website ( which teaches more about the organization, the province itself, and is also home to a host of beautiful recipes. With photography by Stephen Harris and some editorial content by Stuart Hickox, this is a book that you’ll reach for time and again, to savour the recipes and the artwork.

In addition to everything that this incredible cookbook has to offer, all royalties from sales of the title will go directly to Prince Edward Island food banks, to help ensure food security for all islanders.

While there are many great cookbooks out there, including other new and local ones from our region, this stunningly beautiful hardcover
cookbook definitely receives my top recommendation as the cookbook to give and receive in 2022. Treat yourself and your loved ones!

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