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Roots & Folks

Among the most frequently asked questions by genealogists are the three Ws: “Who? When? Where?” On the face of it these seem to require less explaining than...

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Farming on her own

Farming on her own

Back In The Saddle

Shortly before midnight, a 13-year-old rides her 10-speed through the silky darkness to the barn where her horse is boarded. It’s a secret assignation. If her...
Grey, graceful, long-winged and long-tailed: the northern harrier.

Northern Harriers

Long, consecutive working days render the prospect of sleeping in on weekends to be one of my few cherished inactivities. Springtime, on the other hand,...

Genealogy for Non-Genealogists

It's good for readers to know where a columnist is coming from and, likewise, good for a columnist to know where readers are coming from. I get a lot of...

Guts, Grit and Humour

Guts, Grit and Humour
Judith Merrill and her then-partner Stephen raised three daughters on 40 acres in eastern PEI. The family lived in the basement of their house for nine years while they built the upper floors.

Island Dreams

As a resident of Boston and Cape Cod in the early 1970s, Judith Merrill was deeply into the alternative scene: natural foods, meditation, acupressure,...