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Roots & Folks

A cycling visitor’s experiences in Atlantic Canada

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Tea, Toast & Talk

Many people have recipes for happiness. Some go south in cold weather; others stay home and ski. In spring gardeners attend to sprouting greenery; fishermen...

Community Connections

You could call Reta MacDonald of Ebenezer, PEI a “joiner.” At 82, she is outgoing and remains committed to the many community organizations she belongs to. A...

Battling ‘the Spanish lady’

The Spanish flu and its Atlantic Canada connections

Sailmaker to the world

A well-known story told from a different vantage point

Getting to know Mark Arendz

“I wanted to give back” 

The Importance Of Place

Among the most frequently asked questions by genealogists are the three Ws: “Who? When? Where?” On the face of it these seem to require less explaining than...