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Roots & Folks

Philosophers may debate whether a tree falling in the forest makes a noise, but a tossed caber sure does. There’s the prolonged “aaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh”...

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Bob Osborne “wanted to create an ambience unlike anywhere else,” with Corn Hill Nursery

A perennial success

During the last 35 years, Corn Hill Nursery has blossomed into a vibrant enterprise outside Petitcodiac, NB. Meanwhile many other independent nurseries in...

The Owl Man of Kings County

His nickname is well earned. For 40 years, Bernard Forsythe, “The Owl Man of Kings County” has observed and studied barred owls, helping them survive changing...

Saving Irish moss at Basin Head

On a spectacular day in early July, a day of crystal skies and sparkling water, Dr. Irené Novaczek—clad in a mini wetsuit, long underwear and tall rubber...

Retirement at 22

Getting to know Kaetlyn Osmond
A young chipmunk surveying the lawn it is on.

Young and wild and...vulnerable

As feathered migrants begin to fill spring days with new songs, the warmer, wet nights prompt another nature event. Crawling stiffly out of hibernation,...

A fruitful legacy all but forgotten

Apple master F.P. Sharp’s amazing accomplishments