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Shy Giraffe

Inspiration in front of you: Shy Giraffe Modern Artisan Jewellery

Shy Giraffe Modern Artisan Jewellery

Jennifer Sarault started making jewelry as a creative outlet while on maternity leave with her first child. As she started to try her hand at local craft fairs, she realized she needed a name for her business. “The inspiration was right in front of me. My daughter. She was very shy and loved giraffes!” Thus was Shy Giraffe Modern Artisan Jewelry born.

As the name suggests, Jennifer creates handmade jewelry in sterling silver, decorated with natural gemstones, Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and sea glass. Working out of her home studio just outside of Halifax, she strives to create elegant, modern designs that are both affordable and beautiful. She says, “I am inspired by our beautiful Nova Scotia coastline, nature, and fashion and colour, too!”

Asked what her favourite pieces might be, she says, “The favourites always seem to be my most recent design, until another new idea inspires me!” She confesses there is a special place in her heart for her seaside collection. “It brings me home.”

134 Brentwood Avenue
Timberlea, NS
B3T 1E9
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Our Products

$69.00 ($69.00 excl VAT) Whale Tail Necklace
$32.00 ($32.00 excl VAT) Sea Glass Cluster Earrings
$38.00 ($38.00 excl VAT) Sea Glass Necklace
$45.00 ($45.00 excl VAT) Waterlily Necklace
$39.00 ($39.00 excl VAT) Curved Chandelier Earrings
$32.00 ($32.00 excl VAT) Curvy Wirework Earrings
$36.00 ($36.00 excl VAT) Feather Earrings
$54.00 ($54.00 excl VAT) Daisy & Gemstone Necklace
$46.00 ($46.00 excl VAT) Feather Necklace
$53.00 ($53.00 excl VAT) Starfish Necklace
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