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Leafy Artichoke and Salmon Salad


1/4    cup (50 mL) olive oil
1/4    cup (50 mL) canola oil
2     tablespoons (30 mL) cider vinegar
1/2    teaspoon (2 mL) granulated sugar
2     garlic cloves, minced
1/4    teaspoon (1 mL) dried basil
1/4    teaspoon (1 mL) lemon zest
1/4    teaspoon (1 mL) salt
1/4    teaspoon (1 mL) black pepper

1    medium head red leaf lettuce
1     can (14-ounce/398 mL) artichoke hearts
1     cup (250 mL) cubed, cooked, cold sweet potato
1     cup (250 mL) cubed, cooked, cold red potato
1     cup (250 mL) chopped sweet red pepper
1/4     cup (50 mL) chopped green onion
1     salmon fillet, about 400 grams, cooked and cut in vertical slices


In a jar with a tight-fitting cover, combine all dressing ingredients; shake well, and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours if time permits. Shake again before using.

Tear lettuce into pieces and line a low, wide salad dish. Rinse artichokes, drain on paper towels, and arrange on top of lettuce. Drizzle with half the salad dressing.

In a separate bowl, toss potatoes, pepper and green onions with remaining dressing. Arrange on top of lettuce and artichokes. Crown the salad with salmon slices. Makes 4 servings.

Leafy Artichoke and Salmon Salad

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