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Story and photography by Alain Bossé


Norris Point is one of the most picturesque villages located within Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Old Store Café located on Main Street is one of my favourite places to stop. The feel is fresh, quirky and eclectic, with local art adorning the walls and pops of bright vibrant colour everywhere.

The menu is simple and changes on a regular basis, and is always very satisfying and wonderfully fresh. The Old Store Café offers a nice selection of grilled paninis and one or two hot dishes as well. The last time my wife Johanne and I were there together, we spent two weeks crossing the island and Johanne made it her personal mission to try the pea soup in every single location. The pea soup offered at the Old Store Café was declared a hands-down favourite; I believe it was referred to as being “as thick as fog” and apparently, in pea-soup-speak, that is a very good thing. One of my personal favourites was the potato salad: it was made just like the way my grandmother used to make hers; creamy and very flavourful.

The coffee bar at the Old Store Café is impressive and offers up just about anything that you could imagine or want. Our group tried a selection of lattes and flavoured coffees, all served in handcrafted pottery mugs. Try their lovely Americano over ice with a home-baked treat. One muffin in particular grabbed our attention and we just had to try it—it was a lovely combination of vanilla and chocolate that went by the charming name of “Gull Sh** Muffin,” and it was delicious. And that name! Oh, Newfoundland, how we love you!

Located 216 Main St, Norris Point, NL. Open 8:30am to 4:30pm daily.



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